Monday, 29 May 2017

Monday Miscellany

Tommy: Guess what? #1 called yesterday! She spoke to Mr. P but for some reason, he didn't put us all on! Anyway, we are all doing well. It has been very hot here, so we are doing a lot of napping. Mr. P promised to send some more photos soon but, in the meantime, here is a nice one of me with him:

# sent us this photo of a puss she saw at one of the big shrines in Tokyo. We all thought he looked very mancatly!

And on the subject of looking mancatly, #1 went to the Kabuki theatre last week and picked up these great postcards. They show kitties in scenes from famous Kabuki plays!

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Sunday Selection

#1 here. Today, I thought I would tell you about a friend's cats I met whilst in Tokyo.

This beautiful torbie girl is called Minka. She belongs to Mr. J, an old friend of mine. She and her brother Yan-Yan were adopted by Mr. J a few years ago when they found themselves without a home. They are both in their mid-teens.

She was most intrigued by my backpack which doubtless had wonderful Chan smells about it!

They have the biggest cat tree I have ever seen!

Yan-Yan sadly suffers from fairly advanced renal disease. He is on the same Semintra treatment as Sei-Chan, but Mr. J also takes him to the vet clinic four times a week for sub-Qs.

I always thought I spoiled my cats on the "buffet" front, but clearly I am not up to par! This is for just two cats!

Saturday, 27 May 2017

SEIturday Shopping

Sei-Chan: Greetings, Dear Friends. I hope you are all well. We are surviving our abandonment, and we hear regularly from #1 who seems to be having a grand time in Japan. In between meeting friends and doing lots of exciting stuff, she has been filling the spare suitcase she took over with stuff for us. We posted a photo a couple of days of the first stage of her shopping. Here is another one:

The reason I am showing you this again is that I got a private message from her to tell me that the yellow wand was just for me! I had one before and it was my favourite toy in the whole world. I would carry it around the house in the hope that #1 would play with me, which she did. And then Tommy got hold of it and it's never been quite the same. So, she got me a new one! I am so looking forward to getting it!

Here are some photos of the follow-up shopping:

She says she saw lots of cute Japanese outfits, and they made her think of our friend Summer. I am rather glad she is not thinking of putting any of them on us!

She says some of the food on offer was also amazing, real Japanese cuisine for cats!

As I wait for #1 to come back, I am trying to get into the spirit of her being in Japan, so here I am, sitting on my zabuton, on the tatami mats:

Wishing you all a lovely SEIturday!

PS: To any of you who were worried about Violette not getting any treats, it wasn't for lack of trying. Ms. E swung by yesterday with apples and carrots, but Miss V did not deign to come out of the shelter where she was sheltering from the heat and flies. Ms. E will try again!

Friday, 26 May 2017

Vidock and Violette Vendredi

Vidock: Studly Neighs, EveryFriend. I am happy to report that Ms. T has been bringing my treats as promised, and she took a few photos to share!

And Ms. T also spotted Violette in the distance as she drove by...

Miss V is feeling very pleased with herself as she is convinced that the violet hues on Tokyo Sky Tree, as photographed by #1, are in her honour!

Absolutely, I neighed...

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Thankful Thursday

Tama-Chan: Hello Dear Friends! Have you been missing us? Today is a week since #1 left for Japan. We are sad that she is so far away, but are also thankful that we are being so well looked after by Mr. P and Ms. S. They sent #1 some new photos of us, so she could share them with all of you.

As you can see, Tommy is very stressed...

Da Genj is being curious...

Sei-Chan is being cautious...

My Beebs is being Da Beebs...

And I continue to be Queen!

Oh, and #1 is being a good #1...

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Woofie Wednesday With Special Guest SORA

Tommy here. We are all well and will report on things here at Poupounette Central in tomorrow's blog post. Today, we would like to share another report we got from #1 who had the pleasure of meeting a FB friend for real yesterday. Sora, which means Sky, is an older Shiba-Inu woofie who lives in the beautiful hills near the ancient Japanese capital of Kamakura. #1 spent the day with her and her lady, Ms. CD. Sora showed #1 the beautiful house where she lives and the lovely parks where she walks every day:

"This is my house"

"My lady is an architect and she designed the house we live in:"

"I have a beautiful view from the big window, so I can supervise!"

"There are two parks across the street from where I live!"

"I love to explore off-lash!"

"Come on! There's lots more to see!"

"This lady brought me treats all the way from France! They were delicious!"

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Tuesday Thrills!

#1 here. I am hijacking the blog today as I wanted to share a little bit of my big weekend adventure with you. Thanks to a wonderful Japanese friend who is lending me the flat I am staying at, I was able to take part in Tokyo's biggest traditional festival, Sanja Matsuri (translated as The Festival of the Three Shrines). You can read about it here.

On both Saturday and Sunday, I donned the traditional "uniform" of festival participants (for those who know, momohiki, maekake, happi, hachimaki and tabi), wearing the colours of the Komagata neighbourhood where I am staying, and paraded through the streets of Asakusa , first behind the Komagata portable shrine and, on Sunday, actually helping to carry both the small (only about 400-500 kilos!) neighbourhood Mikoshi (portable shrine) and one of the huge (weighing one tonne) main shrine Mikoshi. It was such a privilege for this older foreign woman! I saw a couple of young foreign men in the crowd of other neighbourhoods, but no other foreign woman, and no foreigner anywhere near my age! So, here are a few photos of my adventures.

With the old friend who is hosting me, in front of the portable shrine for the Komagata neighbourhood:

With the portable shrine (Mikoshi) of the Komagata neighbourhood:

The portable shrine and the crowds:

I met some fun people along the way...

And some cute kids:

The big portable shrine (Mikoshi) caught in a mirror:

And the biggest thrill was being allowed to help carry the neighbourhood shrine twice during the day!

Grey hair and two top knots fourth from the right!

An amazing experience!