Sunday, 19 February 2017

Snuggles on Sunday

Tama-Chan: Welcome, Dear Friends, to our weekly post where we celebrate the glory of snuggles. As I host this, I often go first and, this week, here is a shot of me whilst #1 is giving me one of those excellent morning brushies I get every day. As you can see from my eyes, I really, really love it!

You also know how I like to keep #1 company when she gets out of the shower. Of course, that is an excuse for more snuggling...

Sei-Chan has been indulging in her usual mega-snuggles with Tommy:

And taking Sunday Selfies with #1...

My Beebs is pretty consistent in his snuggling with #1. He hops onto her desk and demands attention NOW!

Strangely enough, she almost never says no.

As for Da Genj, well he is... Da Genj!

We do not have any snuggle pics with the Vs today, but we do have two special guests. First of all is our beautiful neighbour cow, Wowie, giving #1 a big lick:

The second story is a little  sad. #1 lost a good friend this week, an older gentleman who was a famous breeder of Percherons in France. This gentleman had a magnificent black stallion called Titus. #1 stopped to see Titus yesterday, to give him some snuggles and carrots, and a friend took this snuggle pics of the two of them:

Titus is a really sweet boy, which is how such a picture could be taken. #1 said this would not be possible with our Big V as he is naughty and he likes to bite!


  1. wow that 10k volt smile in your furst picture is great! I'm so sorry that you lost this friend...and now probably Titus is very sad too... he is beautiful and we love this wonderful horses of your area... our breton horses are not as big as percherons, but they probably grow more widthwards LOL

  2. How sad for #1, and especially for Titus to lose this nice human. Love the snuggle pics.

  3. Very sweet Sunday for your fameowly !
    and Me & Mom are so sorry for a special friend of #1
    Please add my hug to her
    ((( HUG )))

  4. Such lovely snuggles. No better way to spend a lazy winter's Sunday. We're happy to see Wowie again. Hope she's happy.
    So sorry to hear of #1's dear friends passing. It must be a comfort to Titus to have #1 visit . Might there be thoughts of Titus joining the Poupounette gang?
    Our dear Vidock...a biter? Say it isn't so!!!

  5. We love the snuggles.
    Sei, you look so sweet posing with #1.
    You are a pretty kitty!
    We are sorry to hear about the passing of #1's friend. Titus is a lovely looking horse!
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  6. Hi Everyone! Hey Tama-Chan! I see you all are enjoying snuggle Sunday. I love Sei-Chan and Tommy together. That is the most awesome photo! People seem so surprised when I say dogs and cats can be best friends. I'm so glad to see Wowie today. Titus too! I'm so sorry Titus' owner passed away. That's sad. Titus seems so content and very sweet. Love that pic of him and #1 together! Don't you Tama? Have a great Snuggle Sunday gang!

  7. We loved all of those happy snuggles but we're sure sorry to hear about your friend.

  8. Yes, this is the pawfect day for snuggles. Umm . . . actually every day is! BUTT Tommy . . . you snuggle khats?? We have never gotten that close to a khat!
    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  9. Purrfect snuggles! Mes loved each and everyone of them. Especially the one with Titus. It was so sad to hear about his person. Wes sends him and yous #1 extra special hugs and kisses.

  10. We're so sorry to hear about #1's friend. That was very nice of her to go visit his horse. You guys are very snuggly today.

  11. Those are all great snuggle pictures as always. We're sorry to hear about #1's friend. What a sweet boy Titus is. Maybe he could teach the Big V something.

  12. Lovely snuggles by all. So sorry that Vidock is such a meany.

  13. Tams-Chan, I love your face expression when you are enjoying the brushies :-)
    I'm so sorry # 1 lost her friend. Titus sounds such a sweetie. Hugs xo

  14. Those are some great snuggles this week. We 'specially like your guest snuggles. :)

  15. Lovely snuggles pictures ! Titus seems to be such a sweet boy ! Purrs

  16. C'est triste cet éleveur qui est décédé.
    J'espère que rien de fâcheux va arriver à ses chevaux.
    Quelle belle photo avec ce cheval. Un air de bonheur.
    Tama je t'approuve. Rien de mieux qu'un brossage-câlins.
    Bonne soirée

  17. Wee are so-o sorry about yur furend goin to Pure Land Numburr #1...mee will say a purrayer fur him! An mee hopess Titus will bee safe an have a good home fur thee rest of his life. Hee iss magynificent!!!
    An now wee know thee story about him (as wee had seen thee foto on FB).
    All of you look so happy.....
    An mee iss happy here with LadyMum. Wee had a ruff week last week: ferst mee iBS Icky Bowelss flared uppy; then LadyMum'ss Sinusitis an then shee fell...
    So today wee are takin finss slo an easy an visitin furendss!!!
    ~~~head rubsss~~~ Siddhartha Henry~~~ an (((hugs))) LadyMum


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