Saturday, 18 February 2017

SEIturday, Somebody?

Sei-Chan: It did not escape my attention that I got very few comments on my SEIturday post last week, a lot less than we usually get on any post. Do you not love me? Am I not interesting enough? What should I do? I don't want to feel unloved and sad! I am crossing my paws that this week will be better...

I do realise that my posts don't offer the kind of excitement you get in some other posts. I am shy and a bit of a home body, but #1 always tells me that I am really, really special. She says I definitely have the cutest face here.

The weather here has warmed up quite a bit. #1 says there are even some crocuses blooming in the garden! I took advantage of some sunpuddles to investigate the area under my study window hammock:

May I help you with something, #1?

Oh, I see. You need help with the blog post?

You know I am always happy to supervise your efforts.
And lastly, #1 decided she needed a close-up of me napping in my hammock:



  1. I sure love you... and I love your posts... guess what? I will comment twice today, so you get one comment more...

  2. Have a super caturday with more than 87 comments :O)))

  3. I think you are lovely, Sei! I've noticed less activity than normal on the weekends in general for everyone.

  4. Oh Sei, we absolutely adore you! You're sweet and delightful and as adorable as they come. Your little face never fails to make us smile even on dark days. We think lots of people read your #1's blog at work. When Seiturday , comes, people are so busy they simply are involved in getting all their errands done.
    Don't ever think for a moment you are not loved and cherished. We're mad for you!

  5. Sei, you are a lovely kitty and we all love you.
    We just think people are lazy on weekends and do not help their kitties visit blogs as much :/
    How neat to see crocuses!
    WE have lots of snow :/ Winter came in one week!
    The good news is that temps are getting warmer and there is more sunshine in the forecast!
    The weatherpurrson better not change that.
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  6. We always love you and will always be here. Sometimes we are unable to comment but we're always here to admire you!

  7. Coucou Sei,
    Tes posts ne sont pas moins intéressants que les autres. Ils sont pareils.
    Le problème c'est que le week end les gens font autre chose. Surtout le samedi.
    Nous on aime bien tu voir, que tu fasses des tas de choses ou pas.
    Ronrons de soutien.

  8. Happy Saturday lovely Sei-Chan - from another quiet homebody

  9. We love you too, Sei-Chan, don't worry ! Have a pawsome weekend ! Purrs

  10. Miss Sei-Chan we think you do have the sweetest face. Your #1 is so lucky to have you help her with her writing. We think Phenny is phunny to give you more comments by doing it twice.

  11. Sei Chan you have the most beautiful face. Hope you all have a pawsome weekend.

  12. Sei, Darling, my Saturday posts is usually less too. Mes thinks it is the day of the week and definitely NOT yous! Yous is cute, and lovable and a all round purrfect grrl cat!
    Many kisses

  13. Oh my dearest Sei, we loves you, even if we don't leave a comment.

  14. Of course everyone loves you and your beautiful face, Sei. I have hardly visited anyone lately but I saw your next Saturday post and came back to leave you a comment.


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