Monday, 6 February 2017

Marvellous Manly Monday!

Da Genj: Greetings, Friends, and welcome to Manly Monday. Our #1 is back, and she puled out all the stops to get here half an hour earlier than planned yesterday evening. We were very proud of her! What is more, she came bearing gifts! She said that she and her friend in Luxembourg drove past this big pet shop and she asked her to stop so she could see if there was anything she might pick up for us. She didn't have much room in her bag, but here is the stash:

There were some cans of different flavored foods, some treats, some toys including a new laser pointer. And Tommy got some treats and a can of reindeer dog food.

Here is another photo of me and my Kickaroo:

And one of me snoozing on my blue Peggy's Blankie. I can't wait for our new one to arrive!

 Da Beebs: Here is another nice portrait of me taken by Mr. G:

And he caught me at my ablutions during one of the rare moments when the sun was shining!

Tommy: I had a great time with Mr. G and Ms. N, even though it rained a lot. I got to do some puddle surfing:

And lots of running around in the field!

Vidock: #1 came to see me ( just before she went off on her weekend trip, and she took some nice pics:

Of course, I had to pull a naughty face as well...

We would like to thank Mr. G for taking  several of the photos in today's post. Have a great week, everyone!


  1. How nice of #1 to stop and buy you guys some goodies during her weekend trip!

  2. Oh boy! Lots of goodies from #1 :)
    Genji, that kickeroo is almost as big as you :o
    Sun and rain, you all look great :)
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  3. Wow! What a haul! Good show #1.
    And a new Peggy blankie on the way?
    Really cute photo of you with your ball, Tommy.

  4. That sure is a nice bunch of goodies! Y'all look wonderful and ready for Monday!

  5. Great selfie Vidock! Look at all that loot
    Lily & Edward

  6. Lots of great treats for all of you. That kickaroo sure looks like fun. Great pictures of all of you. Everyone looks very happy.

  7. OMC, Genji, what a big kickeroo ! #1 came back with a lot of great stuff ! Purrs

  8. Yay, #1 is home. We always worry when she travels. MOm is worried now because our brother had to travel to Prague for the week on business. She is a worrywart. He said all he could see from the plane was snow everywhere!

    We just knew there would be some good treats and toys coming your way. Enjoy.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  9. Woo hoo you got tons of goodies! #1 is always thinking about you all :-) Mr. G took really nice photos. I love the gorgeous portrait of Bibi-Chan!
    And I love Vidock's naughty face :-) Happy Monday!

  10. Treats? That was a good trip. Love Vidock's funny face.

  11. Its always fabulishious when our humans comes home sooner than expected! And what great shots of yous guys!
    Mes LOVED Vidock's face, mes LOVES it!


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