Friday, 17 February 2017

Feline Friday

Genji; Have you missed me? I have been having a good week, eating and playing, and ambushing my sisters every time I get the chance (even though #1 is never too pleased about that...). She tells me I should be ambushing my Kickaroo instead.

The problem is that the kickaroo doesn't squeal.... TeeHeeHee...

Anyway, here is a photo of me looking picture perfect:

Da Beebs: I have TOTALLY adopted our new Peggy's Blankie!

No. I did not fall off. Remember that my Mama is Dangle Queen Tama! 

Although I still occasionally use our other Peggy's blankies.

Tama-Chan: Oh this sunpuddle feels so good!

Sei-Chan: So does "borrowing" some non-renal wet food from one of the boys!



  1. your peggy blankie is a super place to relax... it looks fabulous comfy and fluffy and warm... sadly the mama said I have to wait till I get new blankies because I'm a puncher on 4 legs and ready to work in an office ;o)

  2. Genji, are you a little terror? MOL!
    Teasing your sisters.
    That peggy blanket looks so soft.No wonder you kitties love to snooze in all that luxury :)
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  3. You all look like you are ready for the weekend!

  4. toys don't run when you chase them either MOL

  5. Genji, that is such a good picture of you, the second one. But so is the first one. Everyone is looking happy and good.

  6. Those are wonderful photos of you all ! Nice dangling, Da Beebs ! Purrs

  7. You all are looking good. That blankie sure looks comfy.

  8. We have missed you Genji and I see y'all had your best mighty fine on today!


  9. Genji, Levon also enjoys chasing and tormenting the girls. It's one of his more annoying habits that produces the exact, predictable chain of reactions he thrives on! The girls squeal, LP chases Levon in order to place him elsewhere in the house where he can cool down and not bother the girls! Levon is happy and the girls and LP get their unsolicited workout! Naughty Boys! Sigh.;p

    the critters in the cottage xo

  10. Mum laffed when you talked about chasing your sisfurs and making them squeal. Mum's brofurs used to chase her.

  11. You look absolutely fabulous. Chasing your sisters must be a blast. BOL!

  12. You all look great! That sun looks pretty good too...enjoy it!

  13. That Kickapoo is cool. But no squeak!!
    Lily & Edward

  14. I love that picture of you Genji. It's the one where you are looking so perfect and proper. Such a dapper boy! Those Peggy blankets are so soft and cozy. No wonder you guys love it so much! Genji, you are a typical male cat. Brittany's male cat, Stein, is always chasing the girls. The girls don't like it. They run and hide. Did you know I bought a house? I haven't had a second to breathe! It's been chaotic. I have your Christmas card out so I can see the whole gang every day.I just love all of you. You make me smile.

  15. Sei, tu as bien raison, de temps en temps il faut manger des trucs qui font vraiment plaisir. Sinon la vie devient monotone.
    Genji je suis comme toi, j'adore les embuscades. Mais Loustiquette n'aime pas du tout. Du coup je fais ça avec mon humaine. Mais c'est mieux avec un chat.
    Votre nouvelle couverture est vraiment super.

  16. yous all looks marvelous! And having a brother who loves torment the grrls ... sigh, that is the life with a rambunctious man cat!!!
    Even though yous a bug, Genji yous is drop dead gorgeous!
    Nellie Bellie


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