Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Tama-Chan's Toasty Tuesday

Tama-Chan: It is HOT, friends. Really HOT!!!! Yesterday, it was in the mid 30s Celsius and today, it's supposed to go higher. That's around 100F! That is very unusual for our neck of the woods, and most houses don't have AC. We have several fans that do a great job. Plus we are lucky in that the ground floor of our house is built into a slope, so it's partly underground and stays cool. #1 went to the supermarekt late yesterday afternoon and was amused to bump into lots of her friends! Everyone wanted to be where there was AC!

So, we have all been keeping movement to the strictest minimum (apart from Tommy who still wants to go out play with his ball!).


Let me tell you, we are just loving our fountain in this weather. Thanks for getting it for us, #1!

By the way, I tried out the basket that Sei-Chan normally likes to use, the one that's on the shelf above #1's desk:

 It's always good to vary things a little.


  1. Ugh! 100F without air conditioning is brutal - I'm glad you kitties have a cooler part of the house. When we had weather like that a few weeks ago, our curtains were shut and the A/C on (nearly all homes in our area have it) well into the evening.

  2. Our home is fairly cool too.
    We are glad we do not get very high temps, but we can get humidity.
    It is not too bad for us.
    Good thing you have a cooler part of the house!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  3. The back of our home is south facing so we are spending quite some time with the blinds lowered and stretching out on the cool tiled floor in the conservatory. Thankfully we are going to be cooler tomorrow - if the weather person has made the right decision we may even be able to crawl under the jasmine for a nap - or maybe not!

  4. Those are great photos of you, Tama! We remember the heat in Germany in the summer, with no air conditioning as well. Although the houses are mostly built differently in Europe, so we found our flat in Munich stayed cooler than a similar home in Canada would. Still, 30C+ is hot, no matter what! Our mom spent a lot of time just window shopping in the mall when they first moved to Munich in the middle of a heat wave!

    Stay cool friends.

  5. It's hot here, too, but not too bad in the morning.
    Haha, sounds like Tommy chooses playing over staying cool inside :-)
    You look very comfy in the basket. It sure is fun to vary things sometimes :-)

  6. Tu devrais venir par ici Tama... nous on a juste la bonne température.
    La corbeille se Sei a l'air effectivement super bien. Autant en profiter.
    Nous non plus nous n'avons pas de clim. Mais les maisons en Europe sont souvent construites pour ne pas en avoir besoin. Et c'est mieux. La clim c'est super pas écolo.
    Notre maison aussi elle est en partie "enterrée". En bas il fait frais.

  7. We have sure had the heat waves gojng on here too. You always look darn cool though!

  8. Our house is party underground too, and it's always cooler down there. Claire does his best to keep the house cool by closing the shutters (we don't have A/C either). Stay cool ! Purrs

  9. We don't think we could stand it if we didn't have a/c . It is so incredibly hot here and the week is only supposed to get worse. Our human brother and family are coming to visit this weekend, so we will have a houseful all wanting to stay cool:)

    It is always nice to try different sleeping spots here too.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  10. We are roasting over here too but we have AC. Couldn't imagine summer without AC.

  11. Wow! That is very hot indeed! We are glad there are cool spots to be found in your home. We are getting lots of humidity and rain should be here by tomorrow! We will try to send some your way :p

    the critters in the cottage xo

  12. Stay cool, we have AC so things are nice. Going to be hot here for the next few days.

  13. It seems like it's hot everywhere! We hope you all stay cool.


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