Friday, 22 July 2016

Family Friday with Tama and Da Beebs

#1 here. You all know that Tama is Da Beebs' Mama. In December 2009, she had a litter of four kittens, three boys and one girl, and Da Beebs decided he was staying right here at Poupounette Central. This did not go down really well with Tama-Chan who, since then, has regularly lectured him on the contradictory facts that he insisted on staying and yet he Houbibis whenever he can, causing everyone much aggravation.

When he was a tiny little boy (just under 4 weeks old in the photo below)  she would regularly play Patty-Cake with him:

As he grew older (3 months in the photo below) , she just about tolerated him:

Perhaps her greatest gift to him was to teach him to love Tommy:

But once he was allowed to join the rest of the family, she refused to have anything more to do with him, and if he goes anywhere near her, she generally hisses at him. That being said, the two are very similar in their likes and dislikes, and there is a definite family air about them. So, I was very touched and amused to see this scene on my bed early yesterday morning:

Seer what I mean about the family air?  It was also very nice to see the two of them lying so peacefully so close together.


  1. Wow, Bibi is really his mother's son, isn't he? Funny how it goes the opposite with humans - usually the relationship improves after the child grows up. At least that has been what my human has seen with her friends.

  2. two of a kind....and mom is a little cracked up that Tama is all "heck no" to the Beebs :)

  3. Tama-Chan taught Bibi-Chan to love Tommy really well. Love the photo of three of them napping together!
    How wonderful you found them relaxing (and synchronizing) peacefully together :-)

  4. That really is sweet to see you together!

  5. They really look alike like this ! Synchronized kitties ! They agreed at least on one thing : the cuddles with Tommy. Purrs

  6. That is a lovely photo of them napping so close and in the same position.

  7. Ha,almost like siblings that don't get along.

  8. Tama must have known all along how handsome her son is and worried he would usurp her standing. Now she knows he is staying but she recognizes her own secure position:) That is a very sweet and heartwarming photo.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  9. We didn't know that about Tama and Da Beebs. Maybe they've turned the corner...or else the bed was so comfy, neither of them cared about how close they were. :)

  10. They look like 2 peas in a pod! Funny how cats are. We had a before cat - Kitty where we had a similar situation with her kitten Sylvester. He was kept and she hissed at him almost all the time!
    Nellie & Mommy

  11. C'est vrai que vous êtes très synchros sur la dernière photo les chats.
    Les chats se moquent des liens de sang. C'est parfois frustrant. Mais c'est peut être mieux, comme ça ils ne connaissent pas trop longtemps le stress de la séparation.
    Bonne soirée
    Nat à Chat

  12. We see how much our people love your comments...
    They met the rest of your family and look forward to meeting you one day! They love that your #1 cares so much for all of you and hope to cuddle up to you one day...we won't be jealous...we know that they have lots of lovin' to give!!! Sami-Chan and Sama-Chan of PEI xxx


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