Sunday, 21 June 2015

The SoS Archives - Volume 2

#1 here again. Following on from last week's SoS post, we are once again looking through our archives for SoS photos.

We featured Yuu-Chan briefly last week, and will start with him again this week. Yuu-Chan was just the kindest kitty, always ready to comfort those in need. Some of you may remember that we had a little foster, Tora-Chan, here for a few days, before he went to his wonderful Forever Home with friends. Yuu-Chan made sure he was well cared-for during his short stay at Poupounette Central:

Yuu-Chan was also the most loving older brother to Da Beebs:

We will never stop missing you, Yuu-Yuu.

Da Beebs was always a major snugglebug. Here he is with one of his brothers:

And snuggling with his sister and #1:

And he started snuggling with Tommy early!

Da Genj arrived with a Masters in Snuggling:

And he has never looked back!

As for the Vs, their size has never stopped them from snuggling! Here is an early example of my snuggling with Vidock:

He really is the living proof that stallions love kisses:

And here is one of the first photos of Violette snuggling with her #1, just after she was rescued:

There have been so many more since, but here is a fairly recent one:

We hope you have enjoyed this two-week journey through our SoS archives. Remember! Sundays are for snuggling!


  1. I bet #1 can't wait to get back to you all!

  2. Those are all such adorable photos!

  3. Vidock strikes me as a ladies' man, hehe! And so many snuggly cats! :)

  4. Great snuggle pics. The big Vs seem to love their snuggle time, too.
    Happy Sunday to all of you.

  5. Most excellent trip down snuggly lane! Wes LOVES it!
    Speed home #1, mes sure yous missing your snuggles.

  6. We like the term Snuggly Lane! I think it fits!

  7. The kitten brothers were so adorable! Purrs to you all!

  8. We love your SOS archives ! Purrs

  9. We loved the SoS pics :)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  10. We always love your Sunday Snuggles, today's is extra special. We especially love the kitties when they were tiny.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  11. We always forward to Snuggles on Sunday. We particularly loved these gems of Yuu Chan.

  12. I did enjoy that tour. I will always love seeing those lovely memories. Always.

  13. Les premières photos sont surement de doux souvenirs, agréables à regarder, tout pleins de douceur, d'amour.
    Vidock et Violette sont la démonstration que les chevaux, qu'ils soient jument, hongre ou entier, sont des gros nounours qui aiment les câlins. Ceux qui ne sont pas comme ça c'est parce que des s... les ont maltraités.
    Bonne soirée
    Nat à Chat


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