Saturday, 20 June 2015

SEIturday Stash

Sei-Chan: Our #1 has been really busy doing the final clear-up at her cottage. She says there is no way she could have done it without her kind friends who helped her dispose of so much stuff. The shipment coming to France was packed up and taken away on Wednesday, and she gave her keys to the cottage to the new owner yesterday. She says she did a lot of shopping for us before the shipment left and there will be many treats for us, and treats and toys for Tommy, to unpack when it arrives. But she did also put a few things in her suitcase so there will be goodies for us when she arrives home on June 29th. She sent us a photo:

Can you see? There are Temptations, LUVs and some of those freeze-dried chicken treats for us. For Tommy, there is a large-size Chuck-it ball launcher and a non-stuffed soft squeaky toy. And there is a gift for him for Ms. J, who helped #1 so much with the cottage clearing. It is a fancy "Island" bandana!

I did want to put up at least one photo of myself and asked #1 to look through what she had. She found these two photos we haven't shared before of me hanging out on this colourful quilt shortly before she left:

Wishing you a Happy SEIturday!


  1. #1 does take very good care of you - even when she is away!

  2. You are all going to love those treats, and Tommy, we see a new ball for you and one of those wonderful flat squeaker toys - we had fun desqueaking all those pouches in ours:) Safe travels to #1.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  3. It sure looks like some darn good shopping is going on!

  4. Those are great goodies ! Just a week and a few days, and #1 is back home, yay ! You should all sit on her lap when she comes back (virtually for the V's of course) to be sure that she stays home after all these trips ! Purrs

  5. Nice stuff and nice photos, Sei-Chan.
    Somehow, we had not realized that #1 owned the cottage - we always were assuming she rented it when she was there. So the clearing out must have been a big job.

  6. That look like a bunch of fun stuff coming to all of you. What lucky kitties and Tommy too. You all have a wonderful day.

  7. Coucou Sei,
    Elle va bientôt être de retour ta #1.
    En attendant tu peux faire la sieste tranquillement en rêvant à toutes ces friandises.

  8. oh! Oh! Oh! #1 Will bes home soon! Mes KNOWS yous guys can't wait!
    PS Sei, yous looks marvelous darling

  9. That sure is a great stash of goodies coming your way.

  10. Oh my goodness...just wait and see what you will have! xxoo


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