Monday, 1 June 2015

Manly Monday Blues

Da Beebs: She is leaving again. My #1 is leaving me and I can't stand it. I have been so upset lately with all of these absences that I have been misbehaving, "outside the box" so to speak, and am now on special calming medication, with three Feliway diffusers on order. In the meantime, I am sticking close to her and hogging her desk chair:

Tommy: With #1 leaving us again, I am seriously considering getting a driver's licence...

Yes, that is correct. We have a right-hand drive car. 

Da Genj: As long as there are sunpuddles for me to sleep in and I get lots of cuddles from Mr B and Ms. B, all will be fine.

Vidock: Maybe Uncle E and Ms. S will drop by to see me whilst #1 is away... Oh, and Ms T has promised to bring me apples and carrots!

The Traveller: I am not sure I like the sound of this, but she has promised me I will continue to get my meals, so I am trying to be cool about it.

Baby Squirrel: Scrunch, munch, yummmmm... What? Who? When? Will we still get sunflower seeds and walnuts?

Big Bro squirrel: No worries, Little Guy. She told me she left instructions!



  1. I am SO lucky that most of the time when my human goes away, I accompany her! It is too bad that usually #1 is going somewhere that even Tommy can't join her! But I am sure she will return bearing gifts - that is always good!

  2. We are sure you will still get lots of walks Tommy when #1 disappears again.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. No worries, boys - #1 always leaves with plans well in order to be sure you are all well-cared for. Tommy, if you get that license, please do stop by for a visit.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  4. We are sure there will be detailed instructions for all of you.#1 will also be able to do what she needs to do well as she knows you will all be in very good hands and safe at home.

  5. Welle, I think I will stop complaining as I am so lucky to leave with my human. I hope #1 will not be away too long. Lot of purrs!

  6. Again ? We hope she won't be away for long... Purrs

  7. Wes feels your pain! Our Mommy heads back to Calgary on Wednesday! But then she will be coming home on the weekend. What is is with traveling and peoples?

  8. Maybe it will just be a short trip this time.
    Don't worry Beebs, being adorable cancels out any wrongdoings on your part! MOL!

  9. I would give her a cold shoulder when she returns
    Lily & Edward

  10. Dang, there she goes again!

  11. I think you would make a good driver Tommy.

  12. Oh no! We can't believe #1 is leaving again. We hope it's a short trip this time.

  13. C'est vraiment pas facile pour vous ça.
    Déjà que je supporte très mal quand ma Nat à Chat elle travaille et qu'elle n'est pas là toute la journée.
    Bibi il va falloir être très courageux. Le meilleur remède c'est de beaucoup dormir. Moi je fais ça quand je suis abandonnée.Le temps il passe plus vite.
    Genji tu es un vagabond des sentiments. C'est pas de moi ça .... c'est peut être une bonne méthode pour attendre. Il faut bien se consoler.
    Ronrons de soutien
    Hisia, et aussi Loustiquette


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