Monday, 16 March 2015

Manly Monday

 Vidock  : First of all, I would like to allay any concerns anyone may have that you will no longer see me. I have moved back in with Uncle E and Ms. S and my birth family, but I remain a member of the Poupounette Gang, and you will get to follow my adventures as before.

I was very happy to see Uncle E when he arrived, and hopped into the trailer eagerly!

And when I got there, I immediately got a spa treatment from Uncle E:

Now, some of our long-time readers may remember my big brother, "Big Tom," with whom I used to share a paddock when I was younger. Well, Big Tom is now living in my field for a while! Here he is:

As you can see, good looks run in the family!

Da Genj: Just look at this picture...

Yes, that is correct. Queen Tama is guarding the entrance into the cat run. Sigh...

This next one, however, is a much better scenario, because I have circumvented Queen Tama and am right at the top of the cat tree, whilst Da Beebs is being bullied by his Mama!

Tommy: Flying Ears!

FlyingER Ears!

 Da Beebs: Mmmmmmmm... sunpuddles!

 No one is taking my place. That's for sure!

Basha: #1 said it would be OK to include another portrait of me, even though my family is now back


  1. You all look furry manly today , well maybe except the picture on Tommy with his flying ears ;-)

    Happy Monday !


  2. Vicdock, your brother is very handsome. We like your dark color better. Lots of fun going on at your house. Take care.

  3. Y'all sure look ready for a fun week! We sure are happy to hear we'll keep up with your adventures Vidock!

  4. You sure look busy at P Central. Hello Big Tom. You are very handsome indeed.

  5. We're glad to see Big V is all settled in his new home. Looks like you boys have had some fun with mamma Tama this week too.

  6. Vidock, I am sure you are going to have wonderful adventure at Uncle E's and we hope that we get to see lots of pictures!

    Monty and Harlow

  7. Tu es un grand voyageur Vidock.
    Genji moi je crois qu'elle exagère quand même Tama. Elle n'a pas le droit de bloquer l'accès à l'extérieur. C'est de la dictature.
    Mais peut être qu'elle fait comme moi. Moi je fais ça pour embêter Loustiquette... et ça marche ! Elle rouspète et elle fait demi tour.
    D'ailleurs en parlant de Loustiquette, quand elle a vu le portrait de Basha elle est devenue toute rêveuse...

  8. We're glad to see you feel good in your new home, Vidock, and we love your flying ears, Tommy ! It looks like Mama Tama still rules MOL ! Purrs

  9. Allie says that's a lot of manly stuff going on!! She's glad Tama was there to keep a tight rein on things - MOL!

  10. Love those flying ears Tommy!

  11. Vidock, you have an amazingly great looking family! Nice seeing all the guys today.

  12. Such handsome fellows. The portrait of Basha is breathtaking!

  13. I DO remember Tom, Vidock and boy is he ever handsome!!! I love the flying her ears too! Tommy, you are the champion of those.


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