Monday, 23 June 2014

Manly Monday

Da Beebs: I hope you will agree with me, my friends, that true manliness lies in knowing how to enjoy the good life! I spent all of Sunday afternoon in the sky hammock in the cat run!

Let's hear it for a hammockful life!

But one does need to get down occasionally and check on what is going on at ground level:

And then come indoors for a well-deserved rest!

Genji: Whilst some enjoy hanging from the sky in their hammocks, others are hard at work…


#1, I think you're going to have to do something about this ivy!

Tom: Can you see me now?

Maybe they will make hay this week?

#1 wanted to share with you this little conversation she had with me. First, there was this photo:

Upon which #1 says to me "Tommy, why are you looking at me like that? Anyone would think you're worried about something. Can I have a smile, please?" And so…

Don't you agree that I'm a pretty good guy?

Vidock: Studly Neighs, EveryFriend! The other day, Violette was going on about getting a pedi, but she wasn't the only one. I got one too! Here I am going down to the salon with Ms. S:

First the farrier has to take the old shoes off:

Don't you just love all the smoke when he fits the new shoes? It's like magic!

I was a really good boy and did not bite the farrier's bum… Neeeeeeeeeigh!

Have a great week, everyone!


  1. Wow, you guys have been busy! Well, except for you, Bibi - but you probably needed a break!

  2. Such a bunch of good looking boys!
    Looks like you are all doing fun stuff too.
    Vidock, we love that smoke!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  3. You guys sure know how to have a good time. We particularly liked Tommy's grin. It makes out hearts sing.

  4. We bet you're enjoying the sunshine.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. We love your hammicks ! Our fence has no roof, we cannot hang anything. We like that smoke, Vidock, but fortunately we don't have the smell ! Purrs

  6. The sky hammock is fantastic!!!!

  7. I love that sky hammock! Have a fun week everyone!

  8. Vidock ...personne n'a cru que tu allais mordre les fesses de ton maréchal ! D'abord tu es un gentil garçon (...) et puis ça ma rappelle ma petite jument. Elle faisait souvent ça, juste pour voir si il y avait une poche avec un truc à manger.
    Bibi tu es magnifique dans ton hamac.
    Et toi Genji parfait en superviseur !

    Douce soirée.
    Nat à Chat

  9. You are very good smiling when #1 asked you to Tommy.Do you get some hoof parings to chew on when the V's have their pedi?
    That's a great sky hammock Da Beebs.

  10. Tommy, we're impressed with your cooperative-ness! Beebs dood - we love the shot of you talkin' up a storm with #1 - and V - mowzers, such restraint! We think we might've bitten!

  11. You have such an idyllic (and hammockful :)) life. We loved the pics of Tommy and his many expressions.

  12. I love your hammock! That looks so comfy!
    Vidock, you could totally bite the farrier's bum....but what a good boy no to do that :-)

  13. Tommy is always ready to give a big smile. So Vidock, did the farrier's butt smell good? BOL!

  14. We love your hammick in the sky. :)

    Your site loaded really quick for us today.

  15. Tommy, that Look is Classic CrazyPANTS!

  16. Yow Bibi Chan ya iz lookin fine in yer hammick!! So hansum!
    Genji ya iz like Marco Polo alwayz searchin n lookin fer fingz!
    Tommy we cuud bearlee see ya in da hay. It waz a peekyboo photo fer shure! We lubz yer wurried look followed by da happy poochie grin. Yer so fotgenick!
    Furinally Vidock yer mani pedi lookz bery inntense...da smoke iz a snazzy did ya bite da farrier'z bum...we will neber nose....MOL
    Much lub to all frum Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum too x0x0x0x0

  17. Wow soo many grreat manly monday photos you are showing us today !
    Your sky hammock looks really comfy Da Beebs !


  18. Dear Vidock and Chans..I am so sorry to have been missing so much but others have been here so you may not have notched my mom as not helping me much. YOU look such a wonderful boy getting new shoes. I mad mom promise NOT to say anything about the farrier. Heeeee. xo


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