Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Wednesday Whinnies

Vidock: Studly Neighs, EveryFriend! How are you all doing? I am doing great because I am now on vacation! My stint of being ridden daily is over and i am taking it easy until I start working towards my driver's licence. But #1 is still taking care of me. She says I need a really good brushing and I am going to get one very soon! In the meantime, I am trying to do a little negotiating. See this bucket?

It's empty, #1!!!

Can you believe she told me I was a greedy piglet?

Should I pout?

Violette: Pretty Neighs!!! It's now my turn to get all dressed up and go to work! Yesterday, #1 came into my field and when she took me out and then brushed me, this is what happened:

Do you like all my colour-coordinated gear?

Then we went off down the lane:

#1 says she has only ever done this long-reining work once before and so she was a little nervous, but I helped her out and we made it to the end of the lane and back. She says we're going to try again today!

Afterwards, I got my treat bucket, and Mr. Floppy Ears came to supervise that it was properly filled:

I love new adventures!


  1. We hope Mr. Floppy Ears didn't try to steal your treats Violette! It sounds as though you should watch out for Vidock too as his bucket is empty!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. Yay! Voilette, you are absolutely stunning in your purple gear!

    Monty and Harlow

  3. I know you both must be super happy #1 is home where she belongs!

  4. well that was exciting.... and we didn't know you could get a driver's license for a horse over there :) MOL

  5. A driver's license for a horse? This is the first time we have heard of that. Do you need a picture and a hoof print, like a bean's license?

  6. On vacation! You lucky horsie
    Lily & Edward

  7. I didn't know horses had vacations! Or driver's licenses!

  8. Chacun son tour.. pendant que l'un prend des vacances, l'autre commence à travailler ..
    Vidock, ne prends pas de trop longues vacances quand même. Tu es devenu tout beau et faudrait voir à garder ton corps d'athlète !
    Tu as bien rien raison ... un seau vide c'est triste !

    Bonne soirée.
    Nat à Chat

  9. Oh, V's, what a pleasure to see you and hear from you. Violette you look superb and very feminine and #1 did a fabulous job with your brushing! Vidock, yes, you may pout but not for long.

  10. Vacation and #1 at home to spend it with you, dear Vidock! What could be better!
    Good work, Violette love. You look so lovely in your new gear. You'll be the envy of all the other girls!

  11. We never heard that horses had work times and vacations, or that they could have a driving license : we have the same questions than San... It looks like the purple bucket is full and the green one is empty, does it work in the opposite direction too ? Purrs

  12. Violette, you look stunning in your regal purple!

  13. So, Vidock, does yous throw your bucket around? Mommy used to know a horse that threw his buckets around.
    And Violette yous look marvelous in purple!!

  14. oh my Violiette your new color coordinated gear is just gorgeous on your coat...

  15. Hehehe I'm surprised she could resist your adorable expression as you held the bucket Viddock!

    Violette you look fabulous in your new gear!!


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