Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Troubled Tuesday (or not...)

Tommy here again. As the senior member of the Gang, I am taking care of blogging as we wait to see when #1 and the big cat can come home. We are not yet sure but we are hoping it might be tomorrow, Wednesday.

In the meantime, Ms. C and Mr. M are taking great care of us. I have been enjoying taking rides in their cool car:

Sei-Chan is complaining loudly about #1's prolonged absence:

Genji is waiting... (in between cuddles with Mr. M!):

The waiting does not appear to be affecting any Chan appetites (Bibi was napping...)

And #1 is taking whatever furry company she can find:

That handsome fellow is apparently called Marlin.

Update: #1 heard from the garage and they're running all sorts of diagnostics and say it's unlikely the car will be ready today, so it's now looking like Thursday as the best-case scenario for her return. Ms. C and Mr. M can stay until Friday morning, so we are crossing everything even tighter.


  1. I hope the Big Cat is fixed very soon!

  2. We hope it won't be long now that you will be reunited with #1.

  3. Thank goodness you are all eating well as we think #1 would hate to arrive home to only find skeletons!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. oh uh....we will cross our paws too (and the Beebs slept through a nap...seriously??)

  5. On croise les coussinets pour que la voiture soit réparée très vite.
    Sei-Chan, un peu de patience et ça va aller.
    Vous avez l'air plutot heureux avec vos baby sitters.
    Plein de ronrons.
    Hisia et Loustiquette

  6. Oh no gang, this is getting quite worrisome!

  7. I have my paws crossed for #1 to be home by Thursday.

  8. Our paws are crozed for #1 to make it home Thursday without further incident!
    In the meantime, perhaps you should all attempt to appear less "well adjusted" in her absence....:p

    the critters in the cottage xo

  9. We're praying for a quick resolve of the Big Cat's problems. Hang in there, #1.
    How wonderful That your lovely
    sitters can stay on. Having them with
    you hopefully will make #1's
    absence less trying. God bless
    Ms.C and M. M.

  10. All paws crossed here that the mechanic can get business taken care of. We know how much you want #1 to be home.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  11. Allie: Oh Sei, I would be voicing my displeasure, too! (and trust us, Marlin is NO substitute for the real things, we know #1 is highly motivated to get back to you all as soon as she possibly can11)

  12. Oh #1, how extreme;y stressing and aggravating. I purr and purr for the Big Cat to get allll betters!!!

  13. How stressful for #1. We bet she will needs LOTS of Snuggles when she gets home!


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