Sunday, 16 March 2014

Safely Home on Sunday!!!

Tama-Chan: She's back! Our #1 is safely back home with us! She got home about 4pm yesterday, having set out from Marlow before 7am local time (there is a one hour time difference between England and France). The journey was very smooth, she said, especially that there were few trucks on the road as it was Saturday. She came in and said hello to all us Chans and then went to get Tommy who was playing with Fernant. Then, she started unloading the car and that is when we told her that all was forgiven. Our regular and longer-term readers already know that she always comes home with lots and lots of stuff for us but this time, she totally outdid herself, so much so that there was not enough room on the dining room table for everything!

As she started to unpack. My Beebs was the first on the scene to supervise:

And then, there was more and more stuff on the table…

By the time I got there, there was barely any room for me!

There were piles of yummy food and treats for us:

Food and toys and treats for Tommy, and lots of great stuff for the Vs too!

Ad now we are all going to go and sit on #1 so she doesn't leave again. I am thinking we might need to ask the Vs for their help on this...


  1. Wow, it's like Christmas in March at your house! I do agree, though - bring in the Vs to help keep #1 home for a while!

  2. As Sparkle said, it's a second Chrissymouse ! We love the idea of the Vs sitting on #1 so she doesn't leave again ! One at a time maybe ? Purrs

  3. The Island Chans here...we are so happy that your #1 is home safely!
    Enjoy a very snuggly Sunday!
    By the way...when #1 gets back to you, are the conversations English or French? We understand our people no matter as we are fully bilingual.
    S & S

  4. Me too would have forgiven my mom-person if she brought home that much jummy stuff :)


  5. Glad #1 finally got home all safe. That is one huge bunch of goodies for all of you. What lucky animals you are. Hope you have a great Sunday too. Take care.

  6. We must say that we have never seen such a big pile of treats on your table. We are glad #1 is back safely. We think you should also give the Big Cat a talking-to as well.

  7. Looks like #1 made her extended stay worth your while with all that booty she brought back. Glad she is home safe.

  8. I am sure #1 is very relieved to be back with all of you too.
    Looks like you have all hit the jackpot with all those goodies she brought back. That extra unscheduled time in England gave her time to buy more things for you.

  9. Oh LOOK at all the yummies and treats and things for you and the V's. And judging from all the trips #1 has made here in the past few months, I think the V's WILL be needed to sit on her to keep her still!

  10. Oh hooray! That is the best, best news! Have a happy homecoming day gang!!!

  11. My goodness! #1 home and enough goodies to keep you guys going for most of the spring! So glad all is right again in your world. Happy Easy!

  12. Well what a great load of goodies - we don't think you'll go hungry next week!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  13. Yeah, if the V's sit on her, she won't get far at all.

    Goodness, we swooned when we saw all those goodies.

  14. Wow, you guys struck it rich! What a pile of loot. Even with all the prezzies, though, having #1 home is the best prezzie of all, n'est ce pas?

  15. We are glad to hear that #1 is home at last! We know she missed you lots and you her.

    We are a bit envious of all the stuff she brought all of you. Enjoy!!


  16. we sure are glad she made it home safe. that is quite a haul, but we aren't so sure it was worth the adventure.

  17. YAY!! So glad #1 is safely home and all the goodies too ;)
    No wonder she was forgiven!
    We think #1 will be quite happy to stay with you all for a while.
    Enjoy lots of snuggles!!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    and Angels Tiger and Tillie

  18. Goodness! It's Christmas and Easter and birthdays all rolled into one! But we're sure #1's return is your best present of all.

  19. We are delighted #1is back, and even more delighted by the sight of the stash.

  20. Glad to hear that #1 is back safely and with quite a stash too. The car will have been bending with the weight. Enjoy

  21. See, we told you she would make good on things for all of you. That is quite the motherload there - bet you were all full of snuggles and kisses for her today.

    Happy Sunday and welcome home to #1.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  22. Ca valait la peine d'attendre. Vous en avez des cadeaux anglais !
    Attention quand à ne pas avoir d'indigestion.
    Ca me fait penser qu'il faut que je dise à Nat à Chat que je n'ai presque plus de friandises. Temps de commander !
    Plein de ronrons pour tout le monde

  23. Welcome home #1!No doubt the best treat for your furbabies is that you are safe and sound and home!

    the critters in the cottage xo

    P.S. Our Mama says the image of the horses sitting on #1 so she doesn't leave again, made her smile.

  24. Hip Hip HURRAH!!!!!

    And we see why you were so quick to forgive #1...that's a TON OF LOOT!!!

  25. YAY - we're so happy your family is back together again. Zowie - your person sure does bribe you well. She is very generous!

  26. OMC! It was worth the wait!! Thank cod #1 is home.

  27. Holey KATPAWZ!!! Tama look at all da kewl stuff!!!! Dat iz pawsum!!
    Me n Mum iz reeleeved dat #1 got home okayz!! We bin unable to get here sooner so we did not nose when yer #1 ackshully got home! So da care iz werkin too!! Pawsum...
    Me n Mum agrez da "V" horsiez will have to help sit on #1 so she nott go anywhere fer a BERY BERY long time ;)
    Lub Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum xoxoxoxoxoxo

  28. If yous guys had thumbs, yous could tie #1 up!
    What wonderful loot she bringed home for yous!


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