Friday, 21 March 2014

Frootbat and Flying Ears Friday

Da Beebs: Well, I was supposed to go to the vet today to get my annual check-up and shots but it seems I got a reprieve, although not for the best reasons. Our poor #1 is on the injured list. She got shoved badly by the Big V yesterday and fell over, injuring her face and that pesky right knee again again. So, we are all going to take care of her over the next few days. The Big V is apparently going to be getting a major lesson in respect by Mr. E on Sunday. Stay tuned…

We do have some good photos to share with you today. My own BibiBats are quite famous, although #1 says that, in this photo, they could be called Razorbats:

Here are some "behind the scenes" GenBats:

Some pensive MamaTamaBats:

And some SeiBats:

Violette is always happy to contribute!

No Big V photo today. He is being punished for behaving like a brute…

On the Flying Ears side, Tommy has done us proud, as always:

And Fernant has submitted his first ever contribution!

Wishing you all a fabulous Friday!


  1. Bibi, we love those "razor' bats !
    Pawsome! We love all the bats and flying ears too :)
    We are sorry Vidock was a brute and hurt #1.
    WE send her purrs to hear quickly.
    Good thing she has all of you to help her along :)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure, JJ
    and Angels Tiger and Tillie

  2. We live your frootbat pictures. It's also good to see that Fernant was able to keep up with you guys. We are sorry that #1 got hurt. We are sure Vidock didn't mean to hurt her.

  3. Sorry to hear #1 is on the injured list again. It sure was a lovely frootbat post though.

  4. Oh no, sending good thoughts to #1. What lovely pictures if you
    Lily & Edward

  5. those are some awesome ears and bats!! poor #1 - Vidock - behave!!

  6. I am sending purrs to #1 so she heals soon. :-(

  7. Poor #1! Bad Vidock! Here's to a speedy recovery.
    We love the ear battage. Very nice selection.

  8. Bibi tes oreilles sont impressionnantes, et celles de Genji aussi. C'est joli la lumière qui passe à travers.
    On est tous désolée pour ta #1. Les chevaux c'est parfois des grosses brutes. Ils faut vraiment qu'ils apprennent à respecter les humains et c'est pas simple elle dit Nat à Chat, surtout quand c'est un entier.
    On envoie pleinde ronrons et de pensées de soutien à ta #1.
    Bonne soirée.
    Nat à Chat

  9. Oh, bad Vidock! He will have to learn his boundaries again...we send our best healing purrs to #1, and hope this recovery is quick.

  10. Oh Vidock is one bad boy!
    Good thing Mr E knows how to take care of him!
    LOVED all the frootbats!

  11. Genji has glo-bats!
    Poor #1. The knee again! Rest and recovery before anything else for her. Vidock needs to be shown that #1 is
    the Alpha. Will that happen if
    someone else works with him or does
    #1 have to work with him too to gain his respect? Not a happy situation for horse or rider.

  12. I hope #1 soon recovers and Vidock learns that he is not to push his weight around.
    Great flying ears and frootbats from the rest of you.

  13. We love all your frootbats. And Tommy's flying ears!

    Poor #1. We purr that she heals quickly. And that Vidock learns he can't push his weight around.

  14. We send healing purrs to #1 that her knees get better and any other part that got hurt.

    We hope Vidock learns to be a nice boy with #1. He needs to obey, stallion or not.

  15. Luvluvluv the ears! And #1 you take it easy. That is a lot of weight that laid into you

  16. oh dear, we hear tell that our mom got shoved by a brute similar to the big V once upon a time and he stepped on her TOE (ouch).
    We're all purring that #1's knee is well on the mend. With all of you purring healing purrs her way, that is bound to occur!

  17. Your Frootbats are sterling! LOVE those, especially the behind the scenes ones.

  18. Excellent frootbats!
    We hope Big V gets his name off the naughty list soon.


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