Monday, 6 May 2013

Manly Monday - Singles!

Genji: Well guess what? Between finishing up her work project, a new project that has come in, and riding Violette, #1 is still as busy as ever, and her photo-taking at home has been a little curtailed. So... we have another series of single shots today.

Let's start with one of me enjoying the sunshine and grass in our run:

The Beebs "hanging out" in one of the sky hammocks!

Tommy almost invisible in the tall grass!

And the Big V, Vidock, looking his usual studly self!

We also have a couple of guest appearances today. First, here is Faro, one of the kitties over where the horses are. #1 had left her trunk open and when she looked again, there he was! He clearly wanted to move in with us!

And finally, this little guy, whose name is Dali, was born yesterday. Isn't he just the leggiest colt ever?

Have a great week, everyone!


  1. Genji, that grass looks so green and we bet it is very tasty too :)
    You Manly bunch are all looking handsome today(and every day).
    Little Faro and Dali are too cute!!!
    Love those long legs,heehee
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger,JJ and Julie

  2. You manly munchers are all so handsome! And yes, that is one leggy colt, for sure!

    Have a lovely day, everybuddy!

  3. What a wonderful sky hammock! You can see everything form up there.

    Faro looks like he is trying to hitch a ride home with #1. Watch out!

  4. Are you snoopervising Bibi? Maybe Faro thought he could come and have a snack with you all. Dali looks so cute - all legs!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Dali is adorable!!! Those LEGS go on forever and ever! The rest of you are making the day so pleasant here just by seeing you. xox

  6. grate pictures doods...N conga rats on de wee ponee !!

  7. Il n'y a pas que le soleil qui brille. Genji tu es "resplendissant".
    Quant au poulain, il est craquant et étonnant. Je n'ai jamais vu des jambes aussi longues !

  8. Faro must have heard the rumors about how awesome you home is!

  9. We are sure that Faro is ready for snuggles ! Mum says that Dali is really cute, with his endless legs. Loupi and Zorro

  10. Our grass is so long here that Mom had a really tough time doing poop patrol today. Hopefully our mowers will be here tomorrow - it has been about 11 days since the last mowing.

    Wow, look at those legs on Dali - isn't he a tall boy!!!

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  11. Those are all great pictures but our mom made a loud squee sound when she saw the last picture. He sure is a cutie. Is he a Percheron too?

    Millie & Walter

  12. Great photos, everyone! I love the sky hammock! It must be very comfy and with great view :-)
    Dali has got long legs! Does this mean he will be a big guy? I wonder. I'm sure he will become a gorgeous man!

  13. Your grass sure is taller over at your place !
    I was outside yesterday and noomed on some fresh grass. My mom-person said that i ate like a cow :)
    Awww , the little horse have sooooo tall leg´s and are really cute <3

  14. Great shots! Tommy, we hope you didn't get lost in that tall grass!

  15. Genji your furs look all shimmering and lovely in your photo sweet boy!
    And Dali IS leggy! But where is Salvador?!! Heehee.

    the critters in the cottage xo

  16. Faro is very smart!

    And Dali's legs are amazing!

  17. Such long legs Dali!
    Wow I want that cat hammock!

  18. What a khute horsepuppy!!!



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