Friday, 8 February 2013

Violette and Vidock Vendredi

Violette: Pretty Neighs, Everyone! Violette here! Today, I thought I would introduce you to a couple of my friends, seeing as it is also "Friends on Friday". Let me start with my friend Quick. He was with me and Vidock at Ms. S's place. In fact, he shared a field with Vidock for a while (he is a gelding so he can be put with either stallions or mares). Now he is with me and a whole bunch of other geldings and mares.

It's really nice to have old friends, even when you have lots of new ones too! In the next picture, I am with Kirane. She is an old-timer here and really knows the ropes. When I first arrived, she wasn't very welcoming, but it seems I have grown on her, and we are now good friends:

And last, but not least, my latest portrait by #1:

Did you notice the bits of blue sky? We have had better weather, with a bit of sunshine, but it stil manages to rain by the bucketload at least once a day. Sigh...

Vidock: Studly Neighs, Everyone! I don't have anything very exciting to tell you about today. As you know, I am alone in my field, although I have other horses all around, so there is plenty of scope for flirting, I mean conversation. 

Take a look at my coat in this next photo:

Aside from the dried mud, do you notice that my coat is just beginning to dapple? Little white spots are appearing in the dark grey coat. Over the next few years, my coat will keep on changing!

Oh, and look what #1 bought:

It's an old work horse collar from the eastern part of France. Apparently, the bits that stick out used to be a lot sharper and were there to protect the horses from wolves! The collar is far to small for either me or Violette but #1 will clean it up and it will be a nice decorative item.

Have yourselves a great Friday, Friends!


  1. What pawesome pikhs of woo!

    Thanks fur sharing your furiends with us!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy!

  2. The sky looks pretty and light. We hope for bright days for the both of you. We think its amazing that you will look different each day Vidock. How long does it take for you to come onto your true colours or is there no such thing?

  3. Yes we also want to know how long your coat takes to get to its final colour, and does Violette's do the same ?
    And we are very glad you don't get that great big thing on you - making you WORK? ! Never!

  4. Violette we can see your field is very wet so you must have had lots of bucket loads of rain! Vidock will your coat go very light coloured? We bet you're pleased you don't have to wear that old collar.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Thank you for sharing your friends with us. I love to see all our different friends.. Hugs GJ xx

  6. You friend is just as beautiful as you! What a cool collar
    Benny & Lily

  7. The blue sky is surely a welcome sigh, albeit brief!

    To answer your question, yes, one of the ports is PEI. Since I am doing back to back cruises, I'll actually be there twice during the first 2 weeks of July. I can't wait! :)

  8. We love "V" day! Looks like Genji thinks that collar should be checked out thoroughly. Happy Friday!

  9. You two are looking good! I love the dappling that is coming into your coat, Vidock!

  10. Vidock, we can see you flirting with the ladies!! Mum tell your coat is changing and she says you will be even more handsome than you are now.

  11. Violette we are so happy you have new and old freinds now :)
    Vidock, we DO see your dappled coat.Very handsome!
    And that collar is ingenious and interesting!

    the critters in the cottage xo

  12. YES! Happy V Day you two gorgeous dear friends. I love pretty neighs and studly neighs coming my way. <3

  13. Neighmeow my beautiful horsie furriends! Vidock we are are so in love with your changing exciting! Violette, we admit that we all want to kiss your nose.

    We will purr that spring comes soon and we can all enjoy nicer weather.

  14. first, luvluvluv the photos of both of you...and you are indeed very studly Vidock and I can certainly see your dapple spots coming in! And that horse collar is really cool...what a find!

  15. Yous both looks winderful! It is great to meet new furrends!
    Vidock will yous get lots whiter?
    That horse collar is cool. They are a little different around here!


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