Thursday, 21 February 2013

Tail on Thursday!

RUFUS here! Given the hours of entertainment I have been providing lately, The Chans said I could post today. You see, it has come to my long and tufted ears that we squirrels in general have a pretty bad rep on the Blogosphere, and I would like to redress the balance a little.

First of all, may I say that I am a red squirrel, the native European type. I am smaller in size than my American grey counterparts, and I do have these appealing tufted ears, as well as the usual spectacular floofy tail:

We are a protected species in a number of European countries, such as the UK and France. In the UK, we have been almost wiped out by the greys who are bigger and more aggressive than we are, and carry a disease to which we have no resistance. We are in fact extremely cute and loveable!


As for me particularly, I am lucky. This house that I hang out at actually provides food and a welcome! I come down the big branch under the watchful eye of at least one Chan...

I have a choice between walnuts and hazelnuts, although I am told that apples are about to be added to the menu! Sometimes, I will sit on the ledge to enjoy one of my snacks:

It's nice to have such a fan club, don't you think?

Thank you for reading through my post. I hope that this has given you a little appreciation of us red squirrels. Rufus out!


  1. MOL...Rufus, you are such a pawsitive guy ; )
    And guess what, I want to be your fan club ; )
    Where I live I never seen anyone like you !

  2. We love those tufted ears! Looks like the Chans are in your fan club, too. MOL!

  3. Well, Rufus the Red, I think you are positively adorable!!

    The Gs think so, too. Unfortunately, for entirely different reason. srsly. Run, Rufus, run!!

  4. Another post we sooooo wish had sound!

    I khan only imagine all the chirping and chat'ting ;-)

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy!

  5. Whaaaaaaaattttttttttt? A SQUIRREL has hijacked the blog?! Hmmm, let me think....

    Rufus, do you not realise WHY the Chans are your biggest fans? It's not perhaps your cute fluffy tail. Do you realise that you are like a little lamb to the slaughter if you dare to go near the run when they are out ? And HouBibi would certainly make short work of you.
    Perhaps you have to come to the safety of Finland - we are very welcoming to squirrels. There would be a great welcome for you on our catio.

  6. We love your squirrel and he seems to enjoy your hospitality. We have quite a few red squirrels in Bradgate Park - about a mile or so from us where they seem to be holding their own. This park is where Lady Jane Grey was born and brought up before she was crowned Queen of England (she reigned for 6 days before her head was chopped off!) She was only in her teens.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. High entertainment for the Chans, isn't it?


  8. You are a real cutie, and you certainly chose the right house and family to hang out by. They will take great care of you.

  9. Dear Rufus, you have a very floofy tail and ears and are very cute. I have to say though if I were to find you in my yard I wouldn't be able to resist a bit of a chase. It is nice that #1 helps you out with some food.


  10. WEll Hi There Rufus, it is a pleasure to meet you......

    WE can't wait to hear from you again.

    Your pretty cute. but then you knew that.


  11. Rufus, Mommy said she got to see red squirrels while she was living in Europe and of course has not seen any since.

    I love squirrel TV but the gray ones are ebul, I think.

  12. Uh ... Rufus? Pardon me for saying so but ... I *really* think your "fans" want to do more than just observe/admire you ... just sayin' ...

    Be careful out there ....


    PS - Yes, you DO have cute ear tufts!

  13. You're an adorable boy Rufus! We don't have squirrels of any type where we live and only one of us might have memories of them from houses past. We love when nature lives in harmony ( or tries to do so).
    Mum is mad for your little hands and how you are using them.

  14. Holy macaroni! A squirrely post! But very interesting
    Benny & Lily

  15. Uh, yeah, Rufus, what Puna and Selina said! The cat before me used to catch fox squirrels (which are decidedly NOT endangered!) on a regular basis! So you had best be careful and not venture too near the run when you see them out there!

  16. Oh Rufus, my mom says I have far too much appreciation for squirrels of any sort already...

  17. Mum just loves squirrels but is not lucky enough to see red one's.n You are so lucky to have a resident one and to get to see it so close.. Hugs GJ xx

  18. Personally, I love squirrels! I get the kind of bird feeders that allow the squirrels to eat too and would never use a baffle! My kitties love watching them, especially the one that comes up to the door to torment Star in the summer. You are an adorable squirrel, Rufus! Love your ears!!

  19. Rufus, you can come around. It is the six grey sqwerls that hang around and eat all of the fevver foods. We rarely see a US based red sqwerl.

  20. Mowzers, you hasa an up close an personal SQUIRL and he has a NAME?!? (Allie's licking her lips...ut-ohhh)

  21. Hi Rufus
    You're pretty fantastic. We have seen some small brown squirrels here but never anyfing as purty as you. Would you like to play my fav game of 'catch'?


  22. Rufus, we are squirrely for you! Truly!
    We see red squirrels in Canada and they are very cute :)
    Enjoy the spoils #1 leaves out for you wee one!

    the critters in the cottage xo

  23. Rufus, you made us realize not all squirrels are evil. We think we could be good furiends with you!

  24. Hi Rufus !
    You have three relatives in my garden !
    They are red squirrels just like you and YES they are protected in Sweden too :)
    I think it´s to bad that we don´t have any trees close to any of my windows :(
    I would have LOVED to watch them moore close :)

  25. Are yous the red squirrel that runned down my dress?
    Shame of yous is!

  26. Love you, Rufus. I may have to draw and paint you one day :)


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