Sunday, 10 February 2013

Snuggles on Sunday!

Tama-Chan: Before moving on to snuggles per se, we would like to start by wishing all our friends a

Also before moving on to snuggle pics, we would like to share with you a very unusual photograph. It is very rare to have all "home" members of the Gang in one photo, but we got one this week!

I have been doing some snuggling with #1:

As has Sei-Chan!

Here is Genji snuggling with Tommy:

And Gen-Chan has also discovered the joys of snuggling with #1 under the covers!

... something My Beebs is quite familiar with already...

Bibi has also been snuggling with Tommy:

We do have a pic of #1 getting a Vidock smoochie:

Sadly we don't have a Violette smoochie. The bit of the field along the fence is so muddy that the horses try to stay away from it if they can...

But here is one of Tommy snuggling his snake stuffie in celebration of the Year of the Snake!


  1. Hooray for a group family shot! I know how rare that can be!

    Have a super duper snuggle-y day, everybuddy!

  2. we just loved studying your photos to locate all the gorgeous creatures in them... what a blissful passtime XXX Thanks for taking time to leave us a comment. Love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx

  3. How amazing to catch you all in one picture.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. I love seeing your snuggle pictures and how great to get one of you all.. Hugs GJ xx

  5. Happy Sunday!

    I would so love to 'snuggle' wit one of those chats ;-)


  6. Always a fun set of pictures to enjoy on snuggle Sunday.


  7. Happy Lunar New Year! It is hard enough to get us three kitties in one shot, so paws up on getting everyone!

  8. Yeah, it is a snuggle kind of day here too. Cold and rainy.

  9. those are a lot of snuggly pics! your guys really do snuggle very well! Great smoochie from Vidock!

  10. Mommy wonders if #1 wakes up stiff?

    Great snuggles AND smooch!

  11. Me and Mom wonder What it sound like when Vidock is doing smoochie ?...We can see you are giggle !!!!

  12. Gong Hei Fa Choi! We is having a easy Sunday too and is waiting with anticipation for Mommy to makes Chinese foods!

  13. Happy Chinese New Year! Vidock looks so handsome.

  14. Ahhhhh, we like your snuggle posts
    Benny & Lily


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