Thursday, 16 February 2012


No other way, was there? I was happy to enough to give up my Tuesday post in honour of the lovely and very brave K, but a girl, especially a Queen, does have to have her exposure! So I just took over Thursday this week.

Now, let me see... what's been going on? We had some time out in the run when the snow started to melt and temperatures finally turned positive. #1 thought we might enjoy a bit of the leftover snow minus the freezing temps. She was right.

Queen Tama surveys her outdoor kingdom:

I was glad much of the snow had melted!

Please note that I have a new collar. The previous had become a little tatty and ratty...

Here I am, sitting on the laundry pile, waiting for #1 to Zoom-Groom me:

I do love the Zoom Groom!

And by the way... Only a few days ater #1 returned from England with all that stash, we've scored big again and are very thankful! Remember Ms. P from Texas? She looked after us about 15 months ago when #1 went to the States. Well, she's back! She is looking after a friend of ours, Mimi, who lives not far from here, and she came with a full suitcase! Aside from bringing us stuff that #1 had ordered:

She also brought her own fabulous selection of gifts!

Thanks, Ms. P! You're a true friend! Tommy and Vidock will tell you about their stuff separately...


  1. What a khollekhtion of pressies!

    I khan't wait to see what T and V got!


  2. What a grand feast - and that's just the photos! Wonderful.

  3. What a great load of treats and foods. What are those Mousey
    Cut-ups? Are they a kind of treat?
    We'd never heard of them.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. You are a regal Queen to be sure!!!

  5. Boy that first picture, you looked like a mountain lion looking over its world. My Vickie had to put her glasses on to be sure it was you and not some wild critter from the back woods.

    We really enjoyed todays post.

  6. We're glad you enjoyed some time int he run, Tama. Those gifties look great - we are definitely keen on Party Mix. Wildwest Crunch is my favorite.

  7. Kingdom, like Wild Kingdom but safe! You are a very lucky girl to have such a 'jungle' to play in!

    And MeWowZa, what a treasure trove of goodies you got from the USA! Enjoy!

    And thanks everso for supporting and bidding at Coco's auction, too!

  8. certainly got some prezzies! Enjoy your zoom groom.

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  9. That snow looks like fun as long as you can run right back in
    Benny & Lily

  10. Oh Tama are THE Queen and your new collar sets off your beauty just right.

    YOu Chans have some wonderdul treats. I see some *I* like too. xoxoxoxo

  11. OH aren't you lucky cats! And you are looking fabulous Queen Tama-Chan.

  12. What awesome gifts from Ms. P!

  13. Wow, look at that stash of treats - very lucky furries! Phantom loves the Zoom Groom too although it doesn't do much for getting at his undercoat. But the wire brush are just too harsh for him.

    Happy Tama-Thursday.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara and Lightning

  14. oh Tama, the mom LOVES the picture of you waiting for the zoom groom - you just look so EXCITED!!!!

  15. What great presents yous gots! Almost like Christmas! Mes can't wait to see what Tommy and Vidock gots!

  16. Wowwee! You hit the jackpot! How nice of Ms. P!!

  17. although it is kitty foodables my pudding rolls are starting to growl wiff the hungers bol

    pibble sugars
    the pittie pack

  18. O! Beachside Crunch! That's Oui Oui's favorite! She IS a good friend! Queen Tama, you look like a beautiful cougar in the first photos (ok, the color is a little bit on the red side, but...).

  19. More goodies. We like the Natural Sensations.

  20. We still can't believe all the great stuff your mom brought home to you.

    Truffle and Brulee


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