Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Well, #1 managed to get the big cat up to the top of the lane despite the snow. She says the combo of snow tires and special anti-skid "tire socks" is just amazing! She drove down into town to do her talk and then left the car up at the top of the lane. Ms. A wasn't able to come because of a last-minute plumbing disaster but she sent us Mr. R and we are planning to sleep with him whilst he's here.

#1 set off early this morning. It seems that there is a lot less snow in England than here. All paws crossed for her and for the Big Cat's technical test on Wednesday morning, after which she will breathe a sigh of relief, or panic totally.

In the meantime here are a few shots of me from the past week:

Guarding #1's desk chair:

And helping #1 with her work!


  1. Looking good there, Mama-Tama. That technical test sounds furry impawtant so we purr that the Big Cat passes it with flying colours!

  2. Glad to hear that the big cat got up to the top :)
    Keep my paws crossed for that the Big Cat shall manege to get through the technical test´s !

  3. We wish #1 good luck :)
    the amigos and san

  4. Wishing good luck for the big cat's tests. I think there is much less snow here now as it is thawing fast. Mum and dad said they would really appreciate some help with the medication issue and thannk you so much for the offer. The medication is periactin 4mg in animal form and Cyproheptadine in human form.. Any help on this would be great.. Hugs GJ xx

  5. We heard bout that cold snap you kittehz are having. We'll send sum extra purrs fur #1 and all of you too. Stay warm!

  6. Now that was good news about the big cat! And you guys look very comfy. I am so impressed with how hard you work Tama-Chan.

  7. we wish #1 good luck!! you look lovely Tama!

  8. You guys are being very helpful to #1. Thank goodness for the big tires in her ride
    Benny & Lily

  9. Best wishes for the technical test on the Big Cat! Tama-chama, you are as beautiful as ever :D

  10. Paws crossed that all goes well in England, and that #1 does not have to panic over anything!

    P.S. What is a tire sock? Is that something like the chains the California humans use when they drive to the mountains to go skiing?

  11. Oh! Laying on the Mac is one of my favorite places to sleep too! They are just so wonderfully warm.
    We hopes everything goes ok for #1 on the roads.


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