Saturday, 4 February 2012


What a few days it has been. #1 has been around all-aflutter about Vidock, with Tommy always by her side. We kitties have been staying out of the cold and napping in sunpuddles. Mind you, it hasn't stopped #1 from snapping away at us as usual. And on the subject of snapping, the newest new camera, the Nikon S9100 has just gone off for repairs. Not bad for a camera bought less than two months ago...

Anyway, I have a new official portrait. What do you think?

Here is another one of me amidst #1's DVD and book piles:

And another sunpuddle shot:

In other news, my sister Tama-Chan was bundled off to Dr.C's yesterday as she needed her annual check-up and boosters. Dr. C says she in great shape. #1 was a bit worried as she had been coughing but it appears to be strictly a hairball issue and Tama is on a heavy petromalt dosage at the moment.

Less fun news is that #1 is planning to abandon us again. She has to go to England next week to get stuff done to the car (it's registered over there and so needs to be checked and taxed there). They are predicting snow tomorrow so who knows? She may be stuck here after all! If all goes smoothy Ms. A will be coming over with Sophie and Emily, so we won't be exactly left to our own devices.

Last but not least, we would like to thank our dear friends Hannah and Lucy for passing on the Pawesome Blogerg Award to us!

Thank you so much, Girls, for thinking of us. We are supposed to pass it on to three other blogs. It's always hard to choose, but here goes: Forever Foster, JB's Small World, and Pippadogblog!


  1. Conga Rats to Vidock!!! And to you all for the award.

    Wow, that IS quick for the camera already to go for repairs. Those are beautiful pictures it takes, but you sweet kitty faces must be breaking cameras!

  2. We love your new official portrait Sei-Chan and think you look very glamorous. We are pleased to hear Tama-Chan's cough is only hairball we both get them sometimes and mum gives us Katalax which moves it onwards!!
    Tell #1 to bring lots of warm clothes it hasn't been above freezing here for about a week and it is bitingly cold today. It is supposed to warming up a bit next week - we'll believe it when we see it.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. Lady Catherine Bastet4 February 2012 at 14:59

    Sei-Chan, that is an utterly exquisite portrait of your dear face - the mancats will all fall hard.
    Concats to Vidock for his success - we think he will have loads of takers when he asks a filly to waltz

  4. What is it with these cameras?! #1 needs a heavy-duty-use one it seems. We do love the portraits, Sei-Sei.
    They've been predicting snow over here too but it remains only bittercold and sunny. Which is actually quite beautiful according to mom. How would we know, she hasn't let us out for what seems to be ages.
    Good luck with the weather for that England-trip!

  5. Hi there !
    I found my way to you from Lucy and Hannah :)
    I think your official portrait is a great one !

  6. OH my goodness. What a gorgeous face to start mine and mom's day. Your official State Portrait is magnificent. xoxoxoxo

  7. Beautiful portrait, Sei-chan. Hoping the weather is good for #1's trip to England. Not that I want her to abandon you all, but it is good to get such things over and done with quickly.

  8. What a lovely new portrait, Sei!

  9. Concatulations on your award. On Thursday we also gave you an award (but think you might have already gotten it!) And I can understand #1 being all excited about Vidock. She should be also excited about your lovely portrait!

  10. Absolutely adorable portrait! Sorry about the new camera needing repairs already?
    Tell #1 to be careful the weather with us here in the UK is now petty dreadful. Lots of fun if you aren't going anywhere.
    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  11. Great shots of yous in sun puddles. They have been a little few and far between in my nneck of the woods and we is supposed to be getting snow too - sigh.
    Hope your #1 survives her journey!

  12. Hi Sei-Chan, I love your portraits! They all look good but I especially love the 1st one as an official portrait :-)
    I'm glad Tama-Chan's check up result was good! I hope the hairball will go away soon.
    And congratulations on your award! You are pawesome!!!

  13. Furry nice pikhs!!!

    PeeEssWoo: Hey Tommy - I hope the metal khat's tyres will be have good trakhtion! Paws khrossed fur #1 to travel safely!

  14. The official portrait is pawsome! You truly look like the king you are.

  15. "queen" you are. Sorry, Mommy will get demerits fur that.

  16. Tell #1 to be careful in the snow.

  17. Me love your collar!!


  18. Thank you for your award - I haven't had one in years!! Now I need to read back and find out what is wrong with Vidock :(

    And that is a beautiful official portrait :)

  19. Congrats Vidock. You were truly magnificent. san says sorry for not coming to see you fur some time as she has not been well but seeing your pretty picture sei-chan, made her feel much better :)

    the amigos

  20. Congratulations on your award!

    I love the sun puddle shot! :)

    Good luck with getting to UK. I understand they've had a lot of snow down south... still, the animals will be happy if you can't go!

  21. Beautiful pictures of you, Sei-Chan!

  22. I love the new portrait shot. :)


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