Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Big Tom's Tearful Tuesday

Tom de Prainville:
Hello, everyone. My name is Tom, Big Tom. I am Vidock's half-brother (our Dad is Orgueil de Prainville) and I share a box with him so you have seen me quite often and I feel a little bit a part of the Poupounette family. Sweet little Tama-Chan said I could have today's post to share some very sad news. My Mama, Joyeuse Bellêmoise, went to the Rainbow Bridge yesterday following a horrendous bout of colic. She was a great lady who had survived some nasty illnesses in the past, and been a wonderful mother to me and my brothers, including Scipion de Prainville, Ulrich de Prainville and Viking de Prainville. Several of her grand-foals will be born this year in Australia (courtesy of me) so her spirit will live on, even at the ends of the world!

Here is a photo of beautiful Mama Joyeuse in her prime:

We are so sad to see you go, as is our Ms. S. May you gallop free in the green fields at the Bridge until we join you there.

Your loving sons:






  1. Nice to meet you Big Tom. Sorry it's for such sad news. Sending Nose Kisses to you and your Ms. S to help you through this.


  2. Hello Tom. We 're sorry about your momma. She was very pretty and regal.

    the amigos and san

  3. That is very sad news. What a beautiful mom! Of course I never doubted she would be magnificent given what I have seen of your brother.


  4. Big Tom, we are sorry to hear about your Mom. She was a lovely looking horse and we know you will miss her.
    Comforting purrs to you as well as her family.
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger, Treasure and JJ

  5. Oh, you big horses just make Teri shiver with delight! We are sorry that MamaHorse is gone now, but look at her lovely sons she would be so proud of...

  6. We are so sorry to see the sad news -

    Of khourse, I'm sure she's met some special furiends -

    Maybe she is showing Ruffian pikhs of her handsome sons!


  7. Oh Tom, your mama was a very beautiful Lady Horse. Mom and I are so sorry that she has gone to the Bridge. Mom has read in the past, she told me, about colic and how bad an affliction that is for horses.

    Lots of purrs for you and the family dear Tom. xoxoxo

  8. ::bows head in honor::

    Sending you purrs on the loss of such a magnificent mama horse.

    xoxo Cory and family

  9. So sorry to hear. She was a beautiful lady for sure!

  10. We are so sorry to hear the sad news - but she is free from those awful colic pains and for that we are grateful.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  11. Oh Tom, we sends yous comforting purrs to yous and your siblings. Thanks for sharing what a wonderful mare your Mom was with us. Kisses
    Nellie and Kozmo

  12. We are sorry to hear such sad news ~ but what a wonderful life your momma had ~ and how lovely that she goes on in the generations to follow. xx

  13. oh, how very very sad and shocking. we are sending you all loving thoughts and purrs and support. Take care, dears. Love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx

  14. Tom, we are so sorry for your loss...your mama was a beautiful Lady and we are sure she will be much missed.

  15. That Momma of your was very beautiful, Big Tom. We know she is galloping free and happy at the Rainbow Bridge.

  16. Dear 'Big' Tom, we are very sad to hear the news of your mom's terrible illness and then her passing on the Rainbow Bridge.

    We see where you get your good looks, she was a very stunning horse. Run free Joyeuse!

  17. Sorry to hear about your mom , Big Tom :(
    I´m sure she is galloping free in the green fields at the Bridge !

  18. Thoughts and prayers for your mom, BIg Tom.
    Surely she will be missed.

    Maxx and mommy

  19. Purrs to you, Tom - your mother was a beautiful lady.

  20. Tom, this is such sad news...your mom, Joyeuse Bellêmoise, was so very beautiful. She lives on, though, in her four gorgeous boys.
    Hugs to you all,
    Lizzie & 3 kitties

  21. Big Tom, we are so sad to hear this news about your mother. She was beautiful! Purrs to you and your brothers.

  22. Thanks every one for my Joyeuse I hope she can run free and be happy because she really desserves it She was so courageous She was a really good mother and a really good horse and I was so proud of her But she was so special and I can't realize I will never meet her every day Your comments support me a lot and I want to say you a big thank you

  23. Aww so sad! Run free at the rainbow bridge beautiful Mama Joyeuse!

    Chrome also wanted me to tell Vidock that he wishes they could meet because he's never met a 17hh horse before. We're all hoping Chrome will make it to 16hh, but we'll be happy no matter where he finishes growing. I would love to teach him to drive, but I don't know how and don't have harness or wagon. It is a plan someday in the future though when we can find someone to teach us and afford the necessary equipment. :) I hope you will be sharing your adventures in driving on the blog.

    In case I forget, happy early birthday. Turning three is so exciting! :)

  24. Tom, we are so very sorry to learn about the passing of your Momma. That is just so very sad. She was just so very beautiful and she produced some very handsome sons. At least now she won't have to be sick any more and we bet she is looking down at you with great pride and love.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  25. We are so sorry. It is hard to lose a mum.

  26. Oh Big Tom, your mum was gorgeous! A very elegant lady. But more than that, she was a good mum to you and your family.
    We know this is a very sad time for you but you must find comfort in the fact that she is free from pain and suffering. She will always be with you not only by blood, but in your hearts. In those trying or fearful times, her love will be with you to give you strength and support, just as it will be when she shares your happiness and joy.
    God speed, beautiful lady.

  27. Horses!!! I love horses! (uhm MOM LOVE horses not me!)

    I'm so Sorry for not dropping in awhile :) I've been busy working (helping mom) thus kind of forgot to update my blog.

    I might not be able to post as often as before so please head over to my newest post and leave a comment so I could add you on mom's new site. With this we could still keep in contact and it'll easier for me to drop by often to your page :)

    Autumn & Jasmine

  28. oh Big Tom, we are so very sorry about your mom. We are sending you all purrrrsss n {{HUGS}}

  29. Tom, your Mom was impressive. Such a special colouring. We are shocked to hear that she passed away from a bout of colic and imagine that it came really fast and unexpected. We are very sorry. Please accept our very gentlest purrs and kitty-noselicks as our condolences.
    Siena and Chilli

  30. We were sorry to hear about your Mama , Big Tom. She sure made some beautiful babies! We hope she didn't suffer in the end. Rest in peace Joyeuse.

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  31. We are so sorry we are late posting. Tom what very sad news about you mom. She was a beautiful lady.
    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx


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