Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Wednesday Whinnies

Violette: Pretty Neighs, Everyone! Welcome to February!  Have you been well? I have mostly been very muddy. And if you're wondering why #1 leaves me like this, it's because she's supposed to. I live outdoors all winter and the mud actually keeps me warm! And she says it takes nothing away from my beauty!

It's been grey and rainy recently. This next shot was taken a few days ago, when we had some sunshine:

And this one is a little bit fun, don't you think?

Vidock: Studly Neighs, EveryFriend. I am continuing to work with Mr. JP but he says I am being more naughty than nice at the moment. One of my favourite tricks is to play "stone" when I stand still and will not move. 

#1 keeps telling me that I look much better when I am moving. Do you think she is right?


I guess I am naughty by nature...


  1. Oh I would love to have a naughty horse bro... imagine what fabulous and naughty things we could do together...

  2. Violette, even with mud we can see that you are a lovely girl :)
    Vidock, you do look better in motion so try not to be so naughty ;)
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  3. Maybe you just like to pose, Vidock! My human didn't know that it was better to keep an outdoor horse muddy - you learn something new every day!

  4. Neighs, Vidock we love the last picture where you are moving so as much as it pains us to agree with a human over a 4 legged we suppose we must.

    Violette, you look lovely. Mommy would love to ride you both. She misses having a horse.

  5. Pretty Neighs Violette! And, um, just neighs to you Vidock. I can't do study. But mom and I learned about you all out in the winter. We didn't know either. We DO know how loved you both are, so we knew nothing was amiss when we saw you put there. I think we assumed it was par for the course. Good to know we were correct in our assumption. I LOVE your confessing that you like to play stone, Vidock!

  6. Hi sweet friend. You will look beautiful with or without the mud. And we know humans that go to mud baths so it must be awfully good for the skin
    Lily & Edward


  7. Violette, you are beautiful muddy or not! Vidock, we can't believe you haven't outgrown your naughty stage yet..we imagine naughty is just an integral part of you!

    Tommy, Wilhelmina has a post just for you today if you have a moment to drop by :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  8. Vidock je t'aime bien aussi en statut. Mais c'est vrai que là tu es supposé bouger.
    C'est le soleil qui remonte qui te rend d'humeur ... "joueuse" ?
    Bonne soirée
    Nat à Chat

  9. It sure is nice to see you two, thanks for the smiles!

  10. Miss Violette you are beautiful with our without mud. We think the big V look good whether he is still or moving although you can see his beautiful muscles more when he is moving.

  11. Vidock, we think you are handsome standing or moving!!! And Violette, we are going to try to convince Mom that mud will keep us warm too:)

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  12. That should be your memoir title Vidock, "Naughty by Nature".

  13. Not naughty, dear Vidock. Maybe a bit uncooperative.
    Our beans would not be pleased at all to be expected to do everything someone asked, now would they?
    Violette, mud or no, your sweetness snd beauty always shines through.

  14. It looks like mud is your winter secret of beauty, Violette ! Vidock, you're so handsome, no need to be naughty, really. Purrs

  15. Violette! Yous looks marvelous darling! And wes gotted MORE snow here this weekend. mes thinks its more than wes gotted when wes lived in Calgary. Vidock, purhaps yous would bes the purrfect Horse From Hell!


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