Monday, 13 February 2017

Manly Monday Featuring Genji

Genji: Are you wondering why I get to be featured in today's Manly Monday? Well, I was helping #1 with her blogging when she looked at the diary from last year:

And she realised that it has been one year since she had to take me to Dr. C's because I wasn't eating, and I was diagnosed with pancreatitis and found to be Feline Corona Virus positive. We posted about it here and the support from all of you was amazing. I was put on a special high protein diet and came home after 48 hours in hospital, not at all sure what the future would hold. Over the past year, #1 has watched me like a hawk and I am happy to say that, so far so good! I have regained weight and am eating well, and if I show any sign of anything, I get bundled off to see Dr. C toot sweet. #1 is hoping that this was just a blip, and that I shall "live long and prosper" with the best of them. To celebrate the one year mark here are a couple of recent portraits of me:

This next one is less artistic, but it shows me having fun with my Kickaroo!

Da Beebs: He can be a little pesky but I am glad my little bro is doing well!

Tommy: I am also happy for little Blue Boy. I like to hang with him.

Vidock: Several of us have given #1 big scares over this past year so our resolution is to all be well this year. This of course, does not mean I will no longer be naughty... 


Summer said...

Genji, I am so glad you are doing well, and I purr that you continue to do well for many, many years!

Mickey's Musings said...

Yay for a year of feeling well Genji!
We purr that continues too!
Vidock, you would not be you if you were not a bit naughty ;) MOL!
Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

Mark Muller said...

that is a reason to celebrate... maybe that's something like a second birthday? yes, that would be cool... bring on the gifts and the margaritas to celebrate you and to celebrate life ;O)

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...


So MANy studly furry hunks fur us!

We made sure our typist hit your post prior to WALKING us - we are overdue fur one - or two - or three!

It was WAY windy overnight - we even lost power fur two hours just as we were going to bed - thank dog and praise cheeses it was restored just after 01:15 -

Of khourse, woo KNOW we wish we had a chat to snuggle with :-)

Khyra and Holly

Dragonheart, Merlin, and Devi said...

Genji, we are glad you are doing well and hope that you all live long and prosper!

Millie and Walter said...

What a great anniversary to celebrate that you are in good health now Genji. We know all your fur bros are happy to have you around feeling so good.

Brian said...

We are so happy you both are doing well and we vote for healthy to continue, always!

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Good news posts always make us smile and so do all you handsome boys!!! we sure hope you stay healthy for good, Genji.

Woos - Lightning and Misty

The Swiss Cats said...

We're so glad you're doing so well, Genji, it's worth celebrating ! Purrs

Marg said...

We sure are glad that Genji is doing so well. That is wonderful. Vidock, you look happy too.

Katie Isabella said...

Happy One Year Anniversary Genji. And love to you. You are so beautiful and so loved. would not be you without the naughtiness. You keep that up. Besides, Violette said it makes HER look good.

Tell Fernant 'Hey"! for us here.

Just Ducky said...

Genji, super happy you are doing so well. Plus, I see you have my blog up on the puter! What a happy thing for me to see.

Kari said...

Hurrah for you, dear Genji! You are a very special little boy to us. We are so happy to know all is well. Shine on, Shining Prince!
Oh , Vidock........!

Hisiableue said...

Tu tires la langue Vidock. Tu as un air de fripouille !
Genji nous on se souvient bien de quand tu es tombé malade. Ca a été un vrai gros stress pour ta #1 et pour tout le monde.
Tu as l'air d'être en super forme maintenant. Il ne faut plus penser à cette maladie, enfin surtout au coronavirus. Pour le reste c'est sure qu'il faut faire attention à bien manger.
Je te souhaite une bonne santé pour de nombreuses années.

Nellie Kowalik said...

Genji! Yous living proof that the power of the purrayer works! Yous looks marvelous darling! As does your make siblings! mes will lives to spend some of my Valentine's Day with each and every one of yous!
Your Nellie Bellie