Thursday, 28 July 2016

Tommy Thursday

Tommy: Woofs Everyone! It's been quite a week so far for me! On Monday, when we were out in the big field and I was chasing my ball, #1 noticed me sitting at one point and licking something. That always makes her suspicious and she came right over and noticed specks of blood on my front left foot. She took a closer look and there was a poor claw, hanging by one thread, clearly torn. I wanted to continue playing but she insisted we go straight home where I left bloody pawprints all the way to our upstairs bathroom which is where she always administers first-aid care to me. By the time we got there, the torn claw was gone and it was just a bloody stump. She cleaned it up, disinfected it, put wound cream on it and then gauze and a bandage, with a special woofie sock on top, She then called our vet to check that there wasn't anything else to do. All good at that end. So, she has had me on reduce activity since, which I think is very unfair...

I am actually perfectly fit to play!

It's now been three days and it's healing very nicely. I get a new bandage every morning. I also take full advantage of the situation:

And, to make me feel better, # has been giving me some extra-special treats. These are treats she had ordered from Japan and her friends brought when they came last month. They are made from venison ribs, and they are incredibly yummy!

Our other news is that Camp Tommy opens today. Fernant's parents are going on holiday and will be gone until August 8th. Let the fun begin!


  1. Tommy, what a bummer about your claw! I hope your paw heals up quickly so you can go back to all your usual activities.

  2. Ouch - we bet your toe is very sore Tommy.

  3. We are sorry to hear that you tore your claw, Tommy, but glad that it is being well cared for. We love venison treats, although we've never had ribs.

  4. Ouch Tommy! We are glad you are on the mend!

  5. We're glad you're feeling better, Tommy. We send you healing purrs, and hope you felt well enough for the grand opening of Camp Tommy today ! Purrs

  6. I'm so sorry you got hurt, Tommy. It's a good thing #1 knows how to take care of your wound! You're in good hands! I hope you will be able to play with Fernant. You are such a good boy, Tommy! You deserve the very best. Have a great day!

  7. If you have a sore paw, you may as well be spoiled!
    Enjoy it Tommy and get better soon!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  8. We're glad to hear you are on the mend and hope that you and Fernant don't play too hard to undue your healing.

  9. Healing purrs Tommy. That sounds very painful. Mommy got a thorn in her foot several weeks back (a month really) and she is still whining about it. We think you are very brave.

  10. Ca fait mal ça ...aïe. Heureusement que ça a l'air de guérir vite.
    En plus quelques bonnes friandises ça aide !

  11. Precious Tommy, what a brave dog you are. We hope you aren't in too much pain. Do take care with dear Fernant. He's sort of a wrecking ball, you know.
    Our mum wishes she could be there to hug and kiss you.

  12. Oh Tommy! Mes sure everybody there is taking care of yous!And yous is furry brave...mes would cry if mes losted a claw!


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