Monday, 24 March 2014

Manly Monday

Vidock: Neeeeeeeeeighs, EveryFriend! I feel that my name has been totally sullied of late and I must defend myself. I am a GOOD BOY! It's just that my hormones are raging, and it's spring, and… well… things sort of run away with me occasionally. Very sadly, #1 was in the way the other day. I really didn't mean to hurt her. Just wanted to let her know I was boss….  WHAT? I am not boss, #1? Well, actually, I did get that message from Mr. E when he and Ms. S came to see me yesterday…

Can you see the way he is walking in this photo? He meant business. Oh yes!

 I tried to show him that if he was mean to sweet little me, I could run away and join the Viennese Riding School (I'm going to be white one day. They'll just think I'm a big Lippizaner…). But no dice.

He even made me stand still whilst another stallion was prancing around just next to me!

I worked up quite a sweat!

And he says he's coming back for more of the same next Sunday. Until I behave like a gentlehorse… The good news is that #1 says she still loves me:

Hey, do you like my blankie? It's a sweat rug for after exercise, and I think I look pretty dashing in it.

Tom: He's really into high drama, that Big V, don't you think? Me, I like to enjoy life:

Da Beebs: Get a load of this pic! I got to share #1's scones and West Country Double Cream, all the way from England!

And here I am, napping peacefully with my Mama Tama next to me. That's what good boys do!

Genji: You know what? I think that Mr. E is very cool, and Sei-Chan (the timid Sei-Chan!) agrees with me. He really appreciates us kitties!

And here is a lovely portrait of me. Two fine young men together, doncha think?


  1. We're rooting for you Vidock. Good luck. We think you look very handsome Genji.

  2. Poor big V just wants to play. You boys sure have a good life.

  3. Oh dear Vidock have you hurt your #1 and that could mean no carrot treats for you.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. boys and hormones...sheesh :) hope you learn to behave a little Vidock - you are too big to be goofing around

  5. Vidock, you look so dashing in you Lippizaner pose! I think you just need to burn off some steam with Mr. E. Your purple blankie is very becoming.

  6. Vidock! You boys and your crazy hormones - I guess the only way to deal with them is to exercise them out of you!

  7. Hey Big V you have to be careful of No 1. I mean we have to be careful and look at how big you are.
    I know you love the No 1 big time.
    Purrs big fella.
    He looks nice! Yes we would give Mr E a nice purr too

  8. Vidock, that VIOLET blankie is PURRfect for you!

    A very manly Monday indeed!

  9. You are really a special one big V!!!!

  10. Genji ton portrait est magnifique, du coup il efface toutes les autres photos ....
    Nat à Chat elle trouve que les chevaux entiers, surtout quand ils sont aussi imposants... sont un peu une source à problèmes. Vidock essayera toujours d'être dominant.
    Plein de ronrons pour tout le monde

  11. Your #1 would never stop loving you, Vidock. We read about how horses are constantly playing the dominance
    game. It's part of their nature but
    you're too big! Take a cue from Tommy, just enjoy life.
    Anyone who enjoys the company of
    kitties is a very fine person, indeed.
    Does Mr. E know how special he is to
    get Sei's approval?
    Another beautiful photo of Genji that
    looks like a painting. Lovely.

  12. Vidock, you need to remember you are much bigger than #1, so you need to be careful and listen to Mr. E.

    Hope she is feeling better by now!


  13. Vidock, I really really REALLY want you to learn your manners and while we understand about hormones, YOU must understand that is your own #1 and you MUST take better care. I am glad you are getting taught some better manners, mush as I love you.

  14. Those hormones ARE pestiferous, Vidock! We have had our share of un-altered (temporarily) kitties and it's not fun in a feline, let alone a horse your size! We're glad #1 is going to be OK, and you, too.

    The rest of the boyz--well, you are as handsome as always! Mommy would dog-nap Tommy in a heartbeat...

  15. Vidock, we know you will learan the right way to act with #1 - we are not surprised she still loves you.

    HOpe you all have a quiet and peaceful week.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  16. We think Vidock needs to be worked so he is tired. Less extra energy to get into trouble. Put that boy to work!

    We love seeing your four-sith-ia, still too cold here for ours to bloom.

  17. Be careful Big V ! With or without hormones, your are... big beside #1 ! Purrs

  18. Oh My Young hot blooded horsed! Tom you have a lovely smile! Da Beebs you got lucky snacks and naps with Mama Tama! Genji you are so social and a good looking gentleman for sure! Sei-Chan was being very brave for sure!

  19. Vidock, say no more. We understand completely.But do pay attention to your surroundings and especially to your #1!

    the critters in the cottage xo

  20. Your new rug is very nice! The color compliments you well.

    I LOVE that shot of the other stallion rearing up. I love all of the pictures. :D


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