Sunday, 14 May 2017

Snuggles on Sunday

Tama-Chan: I don't know, Dear Friends. Should we be calling this a last hurrah on the SoS front for a while? By next Sunday, #1 will be on the other side of the world. We are not at all sure at this stage how the blog will go over the almost four weeks she will be away. She can of course post about her own adventures, but that would be no fun if there were no reports or pics of us, right? Sigh...

Anyway, even if the end of the world is nigh,  I have been snuggling with Tommy.

And Sei-Chan has been doing the same:

And even my Beebs has been doing the big purrs next to Tommy! 

But he prefers to snuggle with #1:

And same for Da Genj:

Here are the two boys on #1's bed in the morning. Not a snuggle, but close enough:

We had a guest to dinner last week, and this is how she ended up eating her meal...

 Here is Tommy getting a morning snuggle from #1:

And Big V snuggling with #1:

Miss Violette is still being hormonal and standoffish, but her Mama, Hotesse, is always ready to snuggle!

And here is Miss Héloise, snuggled up against her Mama:

Last but not least, here is Tommy having a quick snuggle with Tosca, a pretty girl who belongs to our neighbour's niece.

We suspect that #1 is going to be majorly snuggle deprived whilst in Japan. Don't you agree? 

PS: We hear it's Mother's Day in some parts of the world, though not in France,  and would like to say that, even though she abandons us far too often, we do love our #1 and wish her a VERY HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!


  1. It was nice seeing all those snuggle shots! I'm a little disappointed because my human is helping my breeder at a cat show this weekend, but I didn't get to attend - so no snuggles at all for me!

  2. Great snuggles !
    WE think #1 will miss all of that the most.
    You all will miss her, but she will be missing you more.
    Happy Mother's Day even if France does not celebrate it!
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  3. Y'all look so wonderful and snuggly! Tell #1 we expect her to be safe and aware of everything going on around her please.

  4. Enjoy your snuggles this Sunday and we are sure #1 will return with oodles more to give you.

    Happy Mother's Day to #1 too!

    Woos - Lightning and Misty


  5. Happy Mother's Day to the wonderful #1!
    We know you will all miss her during her absence as much as she will miss all of you!
    We wish her safe travels and a productive time away. We would love for her to keep us posted on her adventures...even if that means taking the spotlight away from you lovelies once in a while ;p

    the critters in the cottage xo
    P.S. Tommy, Wilhelmina says she hopes you were thinking of her today on Snuggles Sunday :)

  6. Happy Mother's Day. #1. Your fur babies adore you. And you love them. They know it.

  7. Wonderful snuggles pictures ! We know that Mother's Day in France comes later, but we wish your amazing #1 a Happy Mother's Day from Switzerland ! Purrs

  8. Awww such sweet snuggling pictures :-) I know you all will miss #1 and she will miss you while she is away! I wish her a safe travel and fun time in Japan!

  9. Awww, we just love kitties that snuggle. You are so lucky to have a woofie that likes to snuggle with you too. Tommy is such a good woofie. We hope #` has safe travels and that you all don't miss her too terribly much. Hopefully there will be a blog post now and then anyway.

  10. Those are some pawsome snuggles. We hope we'll get to see you while #1 is gone. 4 weeks is a long time!

  11. Nice snuggles for this week. Yep, it was Mum's Day today.

  12. Ca sera sa punition à votre #1. Elle vous abandonne alors pas de câlins....
    Genji elle est super la photo de ton câlin avec ton humaine.
    Heloise est juste trop craquante ...

  13. Gosh..l love you guys...and your snuggles.


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