Saturday, 10 February 2018

Snowy SEIturday!

Sei-Chan: Well, Dear Friends! All this white stuff! The last time it snowed like this, I was a very young girl. It's not as bad as last time because we didn't get quite as much snow. Plus #1 now has an SUV that can get up the hill even when there is snow That was not the case before.

Anyway, we are supposed to get sunpuddles today. #1 is off to visit big sis, Violette, this morning, and she said she would be home with us the rest of the day and tomorrow! That sounds like the kind of weekend we like.

I was lounging on the radiator by the window in the living room yesterday, and #1 managed to get a pink pawpad special shot of me!

She says I look cute in this one, sitting on the back of the sofa:

This one is on the radiator in the kitchen:

We are so lucky to have lots of nice, warm places to hang out in. 

And, finally, a little radiator dangle for you:

I wish you all a cozy SEIturday!


  1. Coucou Sei,
    Tu as essayé d'aller dans la neige ? Il doit y en avoir dans ton enclos.
    Moi j'aimais bien la neige lorsque j'étais jeune. Après c'était moins drôle.
    Tu as tout plein de places bien confortables. Le dessus du radiateur semble particulièrement agréable. Je l'échangerais bien contre ... mon nuage.
    Plein de ronrons
    Ange Loustiquette

  2. Sei! You are so very lovely! I particuarly LIVE it when I see your dangles! They make my heart go pitter patter!

  3. Sweet Sei, #1 has taken some marvelous photos of you this week! You’re so luck to have radiators. They give such nice, even heat besides being the perfect resting spots for kitties on cold or damp days. Your third photo is so dear! Hugs and kisses luv.

  4. Very nice dangle, Sei-Chan. Tama would be very proud of you. All your photos are very nice today. Enjoy those coming sunpuddles.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  5. Poor Sei-Chan...
    It is difficult sharing the blog with so many
    We think you are very stylish and self-assured and don't realize that like all of us you need acknowledgement!
    Looking forward to your next appearance xxx

  6. We received mountains and mountains of snow too; bummer! It may look pretty, but the icicles on the roof have The Hubby all worried.

  7. I hope you got some good sun puddles this weekend, Sei!

  8. Deerest sei Chan yur a wudnerfull kitty gurl. Mee red you are uppyset you not get a lot of commintss. Iss not yur fault! Winter iss amkin peepull an 4 leggedss cranky efurrywhere an maybe they not reedin bloggiess....
    Now yur danugll iss pawtastick an those radss look grate to lie on. Wee have baseboard heeterss here. Ladymum told mee Aunty Mingflower an her used to live inn an old place with waist high radss an LadyMum put a towel on each so Mingy could lie on there without gettin too hot! Mee finks mee wood like radss if wee had them!
    **nose kissesss** Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxx


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