Sunday, 6 August 2017

Snuggles on Sunday

Tama-Chan: Well, Dear Friends, I do not know if this is the start of a new era but, following my 9th birthday celebration a few days ago, I have started sleeping with #1! It is something I have never done before, so she was most surprised when I suddenly hopped on to the bed and settled down.

I was still there the next morning:

And the next!

And that, Dear Friends, is not all. When a friend of #1's came by to discuss a project they are working on:

Of course, the others have been snuggling too. Sei-Chan has been busy with Tommy, as usual:

My Beebs has been snuggling with Tommy too:

Here is Da Genj getting up close and personal with #1:

We promised you some pics of Tommy snuggling during his outing in Paris:

The above two are family, but this next one was at the hotel's breakfast buffet. These two sweet girls asked if they could pet Tommy:

#1 has been looking after our neighbour kitty, Basha, so we have a snuggle pic with him:

And, last but not least, we have a Violette snuggle pic at last this week!

Have a Snuggly Sunday, everyone!


  1. I will definitely have a snuggly Sunday - I'm at a cat show today, working as a Pet Me Cat!

  2. That is so cool Tama and I know #1 had to be so happy with that surprise! Y'all look snuggly wonderful!

  3. Tama darling! I know that has made #1 happy! I love all the snuggles this week.

  4. That's so cool, Mama ! We bet #1 was over the moon ! Purrs

  5. You made us smile today, Tama-Chan. You reminded Mom of Phantom who became more and more affectionate and close with age. Beautiful snuggles from all.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  6. Color me green with envy, Tama-chan! Neither Chuck nor Angel jump up to sleep with their's been 13 years now!

  7. Aw Tama-Chan, how wonderful you started sleeping with #1! She must be really happy about it :-) Love up close and personal photo of Gen-Chan :-) Happy Sunday, efurryone!

  8. Tama, it sounds like you have become a real snuggler now!

  9. Tama, WOW! That's so cool and we know #1 must love that!

  10. Tama, we bet #1 is thrilled to have you snuggle in bed with her!


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