Thursday, 11 May 2017

Tommy's Thankful(ish) Thursday

Tommy: Are you asking yourself why there is an "ish" to my thankfulness? Well, it's simple. The countdown has begun. One week from now, #1 will abandon us again and fly all the way to Japan where she will be spending almost four weeks. We don't like that one bit. We have a nice couple coming to look after us whilst she is away but they are not her. Full stop.

Still, I suppose we need to make the most of the time ewe have with her... Here I am running along the fence where Hotesse and Héloise were hanging out:

I have a new ball, and it's creating some pretty funny effects (says #1):

Even without a ball, #1 says I have my slightly mad look in this one!

Now this is better! I look like just a nice boy in this one!

I have to tell you, the grass is just perfect for rolling around in at the moment!

And munching on!



  1. wow 4 weeks? that are 87 days... or even more... that's a long time without your #1... but you can come to viti me when you feel lonesome... we have diy and cookies and crazy ideas, so the time runs like the wind till your #1 is back :o)

  2. Yes Tommy, you have to make the most of the time you have with #1.
    One month will be a long time you you to be separated from her.
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  3. What a bummer that #1 is leaving you all for so long! So yes, it's important to appreciate every moment.

  4. That is a long time for #1 to be gone. Hope the caretakers throw that fancy ball for you Tommy. Hope #1 has a good trip. Take care.

  5. Four weeks Tommy! Keep looking sad. It usually makes them feel guilty
    Lily & Edward

  6. Tu as bien raison Tommy, il faut savoir profiter du moment présent.
    Et ton pré est parfait pour ça.

    Bonne soirée
    Nat à Chat

  7. Tommy you certainly do look like you are enjoying being outside. M was admiring your beautiful countryside too. I think I'd have fun running through that grass also. Now what's this about #1 leaving you for a month????
    How dare she. You need to sit her down and explain who is boss around there - you and all the animals are of coursez - she cannot take off for a month and leave you behind, even if she has people coming to care for you. Who is going to give yout he extra special attention she gives? Good luck with your problem!!!!

  8. Yanno, we kitties love munching on the grass too! We're with you on that one! (and balls, but MUCH smaller ones, MOL!!)

  9. Oh no! This is not happy news. We remember the sitters you had that we're so horrible with Da Beebs. Not good news at all.

  10. That is a long time to be gone, I am sure she will miss all of you very much.

  11. Dang, four weeks is a lot of dog years Tommy! We love seeing you have fun!

  12. That grass looks like delightful rolling territory!!! Four weeks is a long time, but as always #1 will have you all very well cared for. We hope she has an enjoyable trip and you all stay well.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  13. You look like you were having fun Tommy. We're sorry to hear #1 is leaving you and hope you have fun with your care takers.

  14. Tommy! You are totally gorgeous! I bet #1 will look at these photos and be reminded of what she is missing while she is in Japan.
    Love Barb


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