Sunday, 7 May 2017

Single Snuggle on Sunday!

Tama-Chan: Guess what? With one thing and another, #1 didn't really get any snuggle shots of us in the past week. Can you believe that? Her excuse is that it has rained a lot and the light inside the house has been bad. Hmmmmmm....

Anyway, she did catch me as I moved in to Tommy for a snuggle:

She also got a shot of herself giving little Héloise her first human snuggle! 

Héloise is now a week-old and looking gorgeous!

Now, since I have your attention and I am the only one who came through with a snuggle shot this week, I thought I would give you a treat and share a couple of baby snuggle shots with you. When I first came to Poupounette Central my big brother Sen-Chan welcomed me with open paws. I was a scared little girl and he was so gentle and caring. Here I am, at less than 5 month old, firmly held in his paws as we both napped:

A month later, Sen-Chan was gone forever and, seeing how sad I was, Tommy did everything he could to comfort me:

Now do you see why I love my Tommy so much?


  1. Tommy, you are such a good doggie. We love it when dogs love their kitties. We all loved snuggling with our Angel Ande. You all have a great day

  2. Well, those are all seriously wonderful snuggles!!!!!

  3. That's so sweet ! Tommy is such a good brother ! We understand better the special bond you have with him, Tama. Purrs


  4. Heloise is a doll!
    Tama, Esme feels the same way about Wilhelmina as you do about Tommy. :)
    All the kitties here have always loved the doggies and the doggies have always loved the kitties and that's a good thing ! It always makes the humans smile :)
    Have a wonderful Sunday, all of you!

    the critters in the cottage xo

  5. What sweet photos of you with Sen-Chan and Tommy, Tama!

    I get to snuggle with patients at one of my hospitals today!

  6. Tommy , you are an extraordinary dog in every way. It would be most difficult to find a dog even half as wonderful as you.

  7. We can see why you love Tommy so much. He sure is a special pal. That Heloise sure is a cutie.

  8. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!
    We love the snuggle pics this week as they are of special memories :)
    Little Heloise is a cutie.
    Love the pics of you and Tommy, and Sen_Chan.
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  9. Heloise is gorgeous. That is a sweet photo of you with Sen-Chan, I am sorry he left you so soon.

  10. What a snuggle bun you are! And you have the best snuggling partners! And Heloise is such a beauty!
    Love Barb

  11. Pawsome snuggles. We can see why you love sunggling with Tommy, Tama. He's very snugglable. :)

  12. I agree with you, that is so sad that you had not more time together with your brother... but Tommy is there and he is a good snuggler too, right?
    Hugs to the beautiful Heloise, she is just toooo cute for words :O)

  13. Coucou Tama,
    C'est tellement triste que tu es perdu ton frère d'adoption si rapidement. C'est vrai que dans ces cas là, trouver un autre ami c'est super important.
    Heloise est toute mignonne.


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