Monday, 22 May 2017

Manly Monday

Tommy: We have some photos to share still from before #1 left, so here goes. A couple of days before we left, she and i went down to the stream to give some apples ad carrots to Hotesse. I had my ball with me, but I got thirsty, so I put my toes in for a drink:

But you see, I "put down" my ball to have that drink and it started to float away. #1 kept telling me to get it but, unlike my sisters, I don't like to swim so I just watched it go. It got caught in a little pool and still I wouldn't get it...

In the end, it was one of our gypsy friends who got it for me. They are so nice. I could hear my mermaid sisters Sophie, Lydia, and Elsie laughing all the way from Normandy. 

Da Beebs: I helped #1 with preparing the  guest room for our sitters.

Didn't I do a great job?

Vidock: I promised #1 I would be a (sort of...) good boy whilst she is away. 

Da Genj: I helped with preparing the room too!

And then I had a nap on Tommy's bed. 

We hope you all have a good week.

PS: #1 sent us this pic of a handsome miniature Shiba dog about town she met yesterday. His name is HAKU:


  1. yay for having such fab friends... I'm glad the ball is back :o) imagine it would drift over the whole ocean like a message in a bottle....

  2. MOL, Tommy, you are a funny guy! Although I have to say, I wouldn't have wanted to go in the water after that ball either.

  3. Great pictures. Too bad you lost your ball Tommy but bet you have plenty more. We always like to see you Da Genji.

  4. You don't like getting wet in the river Tommy?
    Good thing you have friends to get your ball back ;)
    Hope you behave Vidock ;)
    WE love the Manly Monday boys and we like Haku too.
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  5. Thank goodness your ball was saved. Shiba dog is a spiffy dresser
    Lily & Edward

  6. Tommy je ne pense pas que l'eau te fasse fondre ...
    Les garçon-chats vous êtes parfaits en superviseurs de tâches ménagères.

  7. Tommy, you have so many other magnificent qualities ( too numerous to count) that not likeing to swim is rather unimportant. There's not a dog more special than you. Say, the little Shiba Dog is really cute. A very dignified appearing fellow, he is.
    We're so happy you've made the guest room more welcoming. If your sitters are cat lovers, nothing is more exciting than to think one of the resident cats will join them in their bed.
    You're getting lots of training Vidock. We'd love to hear what your plans are.

  8. Haku, not haiku?

    Pretty little dog
    Wearing silly human shirt
    Not really needed.

    Happy manly Monday and Tommy needs swimming lessons.

  9. Beebs and Genj, you two did an AWESOME job snoopervising! And uh, Tommy? That poor pink ball nearly DROWNDED!? MOL!!

  10. That was a nice bunch of fun photos!

  11. Handsome Haku, but nowhere near as handsome as Tommy:) Nice pics of all. Now Vidock, we bet #1 would be overjoyed if she came home to a wonderful report about your behavior.

    Woos - Misty and Lightning

  12. MY goodness Tommy. BUT you did find some friends to help you out. Beebs, Genji, you look as though making the bed is a regular job, you did so well. a good boy!

  13. So helpful with the beds, guys, so helpful! :)


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