Monday, 22 May 2017

Manly Monday

Tommy: We have some photos to share still from before #1 left, so here goes. A couple of days before we left, she and i went down to the stream to give some apples ad carrots to Hotesse. I had my ball with me, but I got thirsty, so I put my toes in for a drink:

But you see, I "put down" my ball to have that drink and it started to float away. #1 kept telling me to get it but, unlike my sisters, I don't like to swim so I just watched it go. It got caught in a little pool and still I wouldn't get it...

In the end, it was one of our gypsy friends who got it for me. They are so nice. I could hear my mermaid sisters Sophie, Lydia, and Elsie laughing all the way from Normandy. 

Da Beebs: I helped #1 with preparing the  guest room for our sitters.

Didn't I do a great job?

Vidock: I promised #1 I would be a (sort of...) good boy whilst she is away. 

Da Genj: I helped with preparing the room too!

And then I had a nap on Tommy's bed. 

We hope you all have a good week.

PS: #1 sent us this pic of a handsome miniature Shiba dog about town she met yesterday. His name is HAKU:

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Any Snuggles on Sunday?

Tama-Chan: Well, #1 is gone and we are becoming acquainted with our sitters, Mr. P and Ms. S. We do have a few pics here and there to share with you, starting with this rather sweet one of #1 and Genji, taken shortly before she left:

There is also this nice one of Tommy and a young friend he made at the birthday lunch he and #1 went to last Sunday.

And here I am with Tommy:

Sei-Chan and my Beebs on #1's bed first thing in the morning. That's something they are all missing...

Last but not least, here is little Héloise snuggling up to her mama, Hotesse:

PS: #1 sent us this photo of herself snuggling with a Barn Owl at a owl café in Tokyo. The owls there are very well looked after and look quite happy!

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Special Saturday

Tommy: As you know, our #1 is now in Japan. She is currently in Tokyo and this weekend, she is taking part in an amazing festival called SANJA MATSURI. She has been to the festival in the past, when she lived in Tokyo, but this time, she is being hosted by friends who live locally to it, and so she will get to be part of this amazing celebration. Apparently, there are as many as two million people who attend over the three days of the festival!

I wish I could have gone with her. You may recall that I have my very own Japanese festival wear, that she bought me on one of her previous trips.

The character on the back of the shirt says "Matsuri", Japanese for festival! 

Anyway, #1 has said she will do a special post once the festival is over, probably on Monday. In the meantime, here is a pic of me for "Sporting Saturday"!

#1 sent us this photo, taken last nice from her apartment in Tokyo. It looks over the Sumida River to Tokyo Sky Tree:

Friday, 19 May 2017

Vidock and Violette Vendredi

Vidock: I wanted to let #1 know how much I love her and how sad I am that she will be gone so long, so I gave her a little love bite on the breast. I am not sure how well she understood the message, though...

Mr. JP has been quite pleased with my work of late.

Violette: I graciously came over to get my apples and carrots, seeing as #1 will be gone a long time.

She told me that Ms. E would be bringing me my treats whilst she is gone, and Ms. T would be doing the same for the Big V. Phew! I don't think we would survive that long with no treats.

Lately, she has been going on and on about my Mama, Hotesse, and my new sis, Héloise, so I guess I need to share a few more pictures of them:

PS: We heard from #1. She has arrived safely in Tokyo!

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Thei-Chan's Thankless Thursday

Thei-Chan: Well, Friends, this is it! #1 is leaving us today and, more importantly, our sitters are arriving this morning. Ms. S and Mr. P are English but live in Brittany, and will be looking after us whilst #1 goes gallivanting off again. They are getting here late morning, will have an accelerated "orientation" from #1 and meet us, and then must take #1 to the train station in Le Mans from where she can get the 3:30pm train to the airport.

I am sure they will be very nice but, as you know, I do NOT approve of these trips away by #1. I am planning to sulk big time.

Of course, things may change if they play with me and admire me...

PS: Our commenting is likely to be a little hit and miss while #1 is away, depending on what she is up to and where she is on any given day. We have posts prepared for the next few days and after that, we shall see. Please bear with us!

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

WOW on Wednesday!

Da Boys: Mee YOW, everyone! Da Beebs and Da Genj here, enjoying some exceptional window whiffies:

Now, we need to tell you about that WOW. As you know, we are mighty hunters, and even though our cat run territory is limited, we manage to bring prey regularly to our #1 (although we suspect she does not appreciate this as she should...). Anyway, look what we brought back a couple of days ago

As you can see, #1 managed to get it away from us. It had been hiding under a shopping bag that was on the kitchen floor. Now, we should mention that it was a grass snake, totally harmless, and this was probably a baby as it was pretty small. #1 used the old cup and paper trick to get it, and released it on the other side of the garden. She said it was pretty cute.

Well, we'll just have to chase the girls instead...

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Tama-Chan's Tick-Tock Tuesday

Tama-Chan: The clock is ticking, Dear Friends, and #1 is getting even busier and more panicky. We even feel a teeny, tiny bit sorry for her. Two more full days with her and then, she will be gone. Aaaak. Maybe we should be panicking too?!

Talking of "aaak", #1 caught me in a bit of a boudoir pose the other day:

And she got a rather unusual dangle...

We've had a couple of days of warmer weather and she opened the window in the kitchen. 

Oh, and I decided to try one of Sei-Chan's favourite nap spots for a change. Don't you think that photo of her peering out of the calendar is rather funny?


Monday, 15 May 2017

Manly Monday

Genji: I asked #1 if I could go first today because I have some great photos to share with you! It just so happens that #1 caught me in full play with the Kickaroo she brought from Japan several trips back!

And there was the wand toy too!

Da Beebs: I, Da Beebs, prefer to look handsome and wise in the sunshine...

And also help #1 with her reading when she is having breakfast!

Vidock: I had a lot of fun working with my Lusitanian buddy last Friday!

Do I look stylish or do I look STYLISH?! 

After a little work in the arena, we went to the woods!

Tommy: I have been catching up with my buddy Joko 

And I went with #1 to a friend's birthday party. It's a beautiful property with a lovely koi pond, and lots of people who like woofies!

Wishing you all an excellent week!

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Snuggles on Sunday

Tama-Chan: I don't know, Dear Friends. Should we be calling this a last hurrah on the SoS front for a while? By next Sunday, #1 will be on the other side of the world. We are not at all sure at this stage how the blog will go over the almost four weeks she will be away. She can of course post about her own adventures, but that would be no fun if there were no reports or pics of us, right? Sigh...

Anyway, even if the end of the world is nigh,  I have been snuggling with Tommy.

And Sei-Chan has been doing the same:

And even my Beebs has been doing the big purrs next to Tommy! 

But he prefers to snuggle with #1:

And same for Da Genj:

Here are the two boys on #1's bed in the morning. Not a snuggle, but close enough:

We had a guest to dinner last week, and this is how she ended up eating her meal...

 Here is Tommy getting a morning snuggle from #1:

And Big V snuggling with #1:

Miss Violette is still being hormonal and standoffish, but her Mama, Hotesse, is always ready to snuggle!

And here is Miss Héloise, snuggled up against her Mama:

Last but not least, here is Tommy having a quick snuggle with Tosca, a pretty girl who belongs to our neighbour's niece.

We suspect that #1 is going to be majorly snuggle deprived whilst in Japan. Don't you agree? 

PS: We hear it's Mother's Day in some parts of the world, though not in France,  and would like to say that, even though she abandons us far too often, we do love our #1 and wish her a VERY HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!