Friday, 11 November 2016

Friendly Feline Friday

Da Genj: Tiny Meows, everyone (did you know that I do, truly, have a tiny meow?). In the spirit of love and friendly cohabitation, Queen Tama and I have taken to napping side by side on the sofa in the evenings, delighting our #1 (she is easily delighted by us...).

Me settling down:

Notice who has both cushions.

Very comfy...

I didn't do too badly on the cushion front either, did I?!


  1. Look purrfect cozy
    Have a lovely weekend !

  2. That looks like a wonderful bunch of comfy you two!

  3. You two sure look comfy. Bet those pillows are terrific for the comfort level. You all have a great Friday.

  4. Those pillows look comfy, and you look very cosy. Purrs

  5. Looks like you both managed to find a cushion to nap upon:)

    Mom is trying to capture Misty singing, but when she sees the flashy beast, she stops singing:( We will keep at it.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  6. You both look very cosy there.

  7. Hi Da Genji's and Queen Tama! You two are so cute snuggling together. I should say side by side. Da Genj, I didn't know you could get so small curling up in a ball! I love that picture! I see that you guys love pillows... lots of them! I would be very pleased with you two as well! Say "hi" to everyone and have a fantastic feline Friday!

  8. You two would delight anyone in your presence.

  9. Vous êtes bien comme ça, perdus dans un océan de coussins. C'est confortable.
    Dormir à côté de quelqu'un de pas envahissant c'est pas mal aussi.

  10. Now that is some expert synchronized napping! You get perfect 10s for that!


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