Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Tama-Chan Tuesday

Tama-Chan: As you know that Beebsy boy of mine managed to get out yesterday morning and, as of this writing, he has not yet come home although he was seen in the garden this morning. We are all worried sick about him about him, most especially #1 who is so far away and feels totally helpless. COME HOME, BEEBS!

UPDATE: DA BEEBS IS HOME. He apparently ran in when the sitter opened the door to go out and try and catch him

I am eagerly awaiting #1's return tomorrow.


  1. My human and I are so relieved that Bibi finally decided he'd had enough of his adventure and came home!

  2. We are so happy to hear that da Beebs is home!
    Good too that he was smart enough to be heading home himself ;)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  3. Love how your tail curls around your bed!
    SO glad Da Beebs finally came home!

  4. We are so glad he got back home safely. Us cats are good at darting in and out before the people can catch us and sometimes even see us. Yin once slipped out on the back porch without Mom knowing it and she blended in with the night so well Mommy didn't realize it. We guess she wanted to sleep with Fenris & Tuiren.

  5. What a great tail dangle! And what a great place to gets away from it all!
    Mes so happy the Beebs came home (well inside, mes thinks he did not goes very far).
    Sending yous all our loves
    Oh yes! And Kisses too!

  6. Thank dogness we didn't come earlier and see Bib still missing!!! And thank goodness he is home and safe. #1 must have been so worried. Put that boy in a cage and don't let him out!!! Oh wait, with his powers, that might not work:)

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  7. We were so overjoyed and relieved to know Da Beebs was back home. We give thanks for answered prayers
    Cats! Why is it they'll run and run from us when we try to catch them. And the minute we don't try, they're in our laps! And they'll pull out their whole bag of naughty tricks when their mums and dads are away.
    The poor sitters, not too happy for them. Even worse for #1 , so far away. But it's a happy ending here, we couldn't ask for more.

  8. Dang, we missed that news flash but we are thrilled that tthe return was a safe one!

  9. Thank goodness the Beebs got home before #1 did!

  10. the Beebs is gonna be in trouble when #1 gets home.... (glad he is home and safe)

  11. Da Beebs is BACK! YEAH! It's a happy ending! I'm so glad! I've been so worried all this time. He decided he's better off at home than out in the cruel world. I love how his tail is curled over the back of the
    hammock in the photo. It looks as though he's hiding because he knows running away was wrong. Anypaw, thank God he's home safe and sound! It's Tama-Chan Tuesday...what an awesome day!!!!!!!!!

  12. We're so happy to hear that the Beebs is home and safe.

  13. Thank goodness that boy is home.

  14. Beebes you are in trouble. You better hide
    Lily & Edward


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