Saturday, 9 July 2016


Sei-Chan: With #1 just back, we're a bit short of good photos for my post today. But I wanted to let you know that, even though it took me longer than the others, I too have now been totally won over by our ceramic drinking fountain. I love it!

#1 continues to feed me at my very own feeding station and tries to keep an eye out for potential thieves.

I try to keep an eye out too!

And from my perch, it's just a few steps after my meal to the fountain for refreshments and my zabuton:

Wishing you all a very pleasant SEiturday.


  1. I'm glad you've decided you like the fountain, Sei! We love ours.

  2. That water sure is good for you. Have a fun weekend y'all!!!

  3. We are glad you are enjoying your new ceramic fountain and that #1 is back. You are very fortunate to have your own feeding station, Sei!

  4. Sei-Chan, you are very lucky to have your very own feeding station. Sometimes our Mom has to stand guard over us so the correct cats get the correct food.You are lucky to have such a good Mom.

  5. You are looking great Sei-Chan. We think it would be fun to have a fountain.

  6. We're happy you like your fountain, dear Sei. You are just a very discerning lady and had to be sure it was just right. Have a lovely weekend, beautiful.

  7. Sei-Chan, I'm so glad you like your water fountain! I'm sure it's more refreshing than the bowl of water. I also noticed you are keeping your bowl of food to yourself. Good job! You look healthy and awesome in your pictures, too! Anypaw, it's a great Sei-turday!

  8. Glad you are liking your water fountain! My Goro thinks it's a toy and Niko doesn't seem to notice it exists. Sigh.
    That zabuton looks very comfy :-) Have a great weekend xoxo

  9. We're glad you like the fountain, Sei. We have one and only Wally seems to like it.

  10. Sei! Has mes told yous how gorgeous yous is lately?
    Yous is gorgeous darling!


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