Monday, 16 May 2016

Manly Monday

Tommy: I get to kick off this week. Thanks for al the kind words about my leg. It is much better and I am no longer limping noticeably but #1 is being very strict about keeping me on reduced activity, even though I take my ball with me wherever I go. We did go to the big field yesterday, to see Wowie, and she ended up confiscating my ball. Can you believe that? So I decided to entertain myself and ended up with garlands in my hair...

Not bad, Huh? Don't worry, I still managed to have a good time!

Vidock: Last Friday, Mr. JP took me to the indoor arena at his home again so I could once again work with the garrocha! 

And #1 took this rather fetching portrait of me whilst I was waiting for Mr. JP to clear some poo. She says it shows clear that Percherons have Arab blood!


Da Genj: #1 also took this rather good portrait of me!

And here is another one in the series: looking cute with a piece of chicken stuck to mouth... 

Da Beebs: May I present the sporting dangle? First in action:

Then, at rest:

Please note it is a combo paw and tail dangle!

There were no Trav photo ops this week, so he is MIA. Hoping to do better next week. 


  1. Nice seeing all you guys today! I'm sure Traveler will show up on the blog next week, if not sooner.

  2. A combo paw and tail dangle is SUPER HARD to do. Excellent work there, my friend. Excellent work, for sure!


  3. We just love your blog and enjoy visiting. Wish we could be here in a more routine basis, but it won't be possible for a month or two anyway. I'll write a blog sometime this week explaining our absence. Tommy, you are adorable with the crowns on your head. he he doesn't it feel "picky" tho? Hope your leg gets better pal.

  4. Glad you are doing much better, Tommy! You look very handsome with garlands :-) And Gen-Chan, I love your picture with chicken on your mouth. What a cutie pie you are!
    Happy Monday xoxo

  5. We think you are all looking quite happy
    Lily & Edward

  6. Tommy c'est bien que ta #1 ai confisqué ta balle. Il faut être raisonnable. C'est comme pour Loustiquette qui cherche à sortir le soir et qui n'a pas du tout le droit de le faire.
    Bibi, super ton jeu de patte.
    Genji tu es rigolo sur la première photo. On dirait un gros poulet. D'ailleurs je suis bien d'accord, le poulet c'est bon !
    Ronrons les garçons

  7. Were you saving that piece of chicken for later Genji?

  8. very handsome all of you (and we hope Trav was just off visiting)

  9. Great paw/tail dangle, Beebs - and pawesome shots of all the manly furries there. Tommy, take care of that leg, no running for now.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  10. Beautiful portraits ! Your sporting dangle is amazing, Da Beebs ! Purrs

  11. Y'all look super and we are sure glad your leg is doing better Tommy!

  12. Oh no, Tommy! How could that other dog end up with your all time favorite ball? You'll get it back though...right? Maybe it's time for a new ball. This time put your name on it. Anyway, I love how Da Beebs is dangling in such a way he should perform for the circus! He's very talented! Vidock is in good form. It seems he responds well to Mr.JP. Happy Manly Monday everyone! Maybe next week we'll catch Traveller. Of course, I can't leave without a "hip hip hurray" for the improvement of Tommy's leg!!!

  13. Good to hear you are doing better Tommy :)
    You look so handsome working with Mr JP.
    Love your pica kitties.
    Lots of handsome manlyness and action :)

    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  14. Wow! Such handsome manliness! Tommy, we're glad your leg is feeling better.

  15. Lots of wonderful manly Monday!


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