Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Trav's Metcha Month!

#1 here. We are not sure which day it was but we remember that Trav showed up at the end of our lane one day in early March 2015. None of us knew him but he did bear a strange resemblance to Manoush, a kitten who had appeared out of nowhere in 2007 and settled in with our neighbour, Ms. N where he lived a very happy life until he was felled a couple of years ago by Saddle Thrombus. Manoush had been long-haired and this new guy was short-haired but they had strangely similar markings and the same  unusual eye colour.

The new guy was truly feral. It was clear he had never had a home or been close to people. It was impossible to get within ten feet of him. He would bolt and just disappear. But he seemed to like the comfy cushion on the tractor seat in the neighbours' open shed, and that is where I took my first photo of him on March 3, 2015:

He was seen eating from the outdoor feeding station for Ms. N's cats and she didn't chase him away. After a while, I started putting a little dry food out for him as well. He remained very skittish for a very long time. He eventually shifted from the tractor seat to the old mattress on top of the car wreck, and he started to relax a little:

He became less fearful:

He finally understood that nobody was going to chase him away.

Tommy and I would occasionally spot him in the fields, hunting, on our walks:

As autumn began to close in and the days shortened, I decided that he needed a more reliable and regular feeding arrangement, so I arranged a feeding station for him at the back of the garage, with both wet and dry food, and water. He had already spotted the boxes filled with straw at the back of the garage, and would occasionally sleep there, so he knew the place.

He also let me get closer to him:

For the winter, I made a special shelter for him at the back of the garage although he mostly still prefers the straw-filled boxes. The garage door is always open enough for him to get in and out.

I have still not been able to touch him but he is now totally at ease with my being around him or close to him. He barely even opens an eye if he is in his straw box and I bring his meal. Whether I ever get to pet him or not, he is now a member of the family, and we will do our best to ensure he always has a full tummy and dry and comfortable shelter. This morning, it is stormy out there, with pelting rain and howling winds, and it truly warmed my heart to find Trav curled up in his straw box at the back of the garage. He is home.

Here, by the way, is a photo of Manoush. Do you think they might have been littermates, and Manoush found a home and Trav didn't until now?

Whatever the answer, we are so pleased to have you with us, Trav! Live long and prosper!


  1. Happy Gotcha day Trav!
    You are so lucky that you picked #1's place.
    We are happy you are settling in and that you have a safe place to call home.
    You and Manoush do have a lot in common where looks are concerned.
    Maybe you were littermates.

    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  2. Happy gotcha day, Trav - or should I say, not-gotcha day? There is no greater gift for a feral cat to give than trust.

  3. Lorine-of-Green-Gables9 March 2016 at 12:18

    What a beautiful way to start my day! How grand to celebrate one year of Trav being invited into your family.
    But most of all, it makes me happy what you #1 have done for inspiration to treat all our fellow creatures with genuine kindness! Hip-hip-houray 🐹

  4. Manoush and Trav do have similar markings on their faces and such pretty pink noses so they may be related - but it's the darker fur on top of their heads that looks like they are wearing hats and that made us wonder.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. That is so awesome to see his progress. One day you will be cuddling
    Lily & Edward

  6. I LOVE reading about Trav. Thank you from the heart for his entire story. And thank you for being HIS #1 as well. xox

  7. That is such a great story about Trav and we sure do thank you for providing food and a nice bed for him. And I betcha he becomes a great friend to you. My feral kitty Momma kitty is now in my house after knowing her for 8 years.

  8. What a wonderful story. I'm so happy Trav has found such a loving home with caring family! Trav and Manoush do have very similar markings - they both wear "hair" :-)

  9. Happy "Metcha Month" to Trav ! We're glad he found such a loving home ! Purrs

  10. wow....a year??? he sure is handsome....and we are SO very glad he has found a safe place with you

  11. Traveller, you're so lucky to have crossed pathes with #1. You now have a home with food and a family who loves you. You're looking so much better than when I first saw you. You really are a handsome cat. I know people are scary and hard to trust. I feel the same way sometimes. However, you have a guardian angel. I believe you and #1 were destined to meet! Have a wonderful Wednesday! Don't forget to tell the rest of the family the same!

  12. Too bad Traveler won't tell you if he had a brother:). We are so happy he stays with you now. He must be a very smart boy.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  13. Maybe it's Manoush come back! It's good to hear your story Trav. You have found a very good home indeed.

  14. Happy Metcha month Trav! I am glad he has a safe home with you.

  15. Trav and Manoush does looks like siblings. And wes so happy he is comfortable with yous. Wes hopes yous does gets a chance to pets him one day!

  16. You guys have the biggest hearts. Thanks for caring so thoughtfully and lovingly for Trav. May he one day seek scritches.

    Lizzie, Max and Tuck

  17. Happy Metcha Day dear Trav! It is always a thrill for us to see you and your happy eyes pal.

  18. Trav, we've had a feral cat , Smokey, who lived inside our house , he loved us but Mum could never get close to him. He was originally rescued by a police man called to an abuse case. He took the victim, Smokey, home and cared for him until the policeman died of cancer. Smokey then went to 2 adoptive homes , both abusive, because they could not understand what feral was. Mum took him home and she could never touch him but she loved him anyway.
    He died from cancer which developed from his vaccination site.
    Our hearts are so happy you are with #1. Do you know you have friends who love you? You may never allow yourself to know #1's loving touch but you will always have her unwavering love.

  19. He is such a cute cat. I am really glad he is getting used to people.

  20. Happy Metcha Day, Trav! You're such a handsome guy.

  21. Il est bien là. Il a trouvé l'endroit qui lui convient. La sécurité, un endroit tiède, un estomac plein cela suffit à certains chats. La vie dehors les rends, à juste titre, méfiants à l'égard des humains.
    Peut être qu'un jour il se laissera caresser, peut être que non. L'important c'est qu'il soit bien.
    Son marquage sur la tête est assez inhabituel et ressemble vraiment à celui de Manoush.
    Longue vie à cette amitié humaine-chat.
    Bonne soirée
    Nat à Chat

  22. Oh Trav, so glad you have been among friends now for a year. Wonderful. I, too, hope that you live long and prosper, Sweet Boy.

    The photos really warm my heart, as does his story.

    He really does look like Manoush. Maybe they were litter mates or could Manoush have had off spring? One of those things we wonder about and will never know for sure.

    Love to all,

  23. What wonderful progress Trav has made! He has finally found a home. Kudos to #1 for staying the course and caring for him.

  24. Happy Gotcha Month, Trav. You have a good life, enjoy it.


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