Thursday, 24 March 2016

Thoughtfully Thankful Thursday

Sei-Chan: #1 said I could have an extra post today to tell you about my visit yesterday to Dr. C. The whole affair was torture because I was in solitary from the afternoon before and was starved overnight and into the morning. I sang "the song" in the car all the way there. I was most thankful when we finally got there.

I am usually quite well-behaved at the vet, sticking as close to #1 as I can during any and all procedures. They shaved me at the throat and stole my blood. We are grateful that Dr. C has all the analysis equipment onsite so we just had to wait about 30 minutes to get the result. It turned out that #1's suspicions had been right and that my urea levels were above normal. However, there is some good news in that they came in at 1.09 g/l which, although higher than normal, is a long way from catastrophic (that would be 4.0 and above). Dr. C told #1 that there was a relatively new drug on the market called Semintra which she had recently started to use on her own cat, and which is supposed to be not only highly efficient but efficient for much longer than previous renal medication. It is a liquid that had to be syringed or mixed with food once a day. From what we can see so far, it is available in Europe and Canada but not yet in the States. Anyway, it is fairly pricey so Dr. C and #1 are trying to figure out where she can get it for the best price (that's the kind of vet that Dr. C is!).

In addition to the Semintra, I am supposed, to the extent possible, to get renal support food. The problem, of course, is that there are four of us, and what Genji is supposed to eat is the polar opposite of what I should be eating (high protein/low fat for him and low protein/highish fat for me), so that will be a bit of a challenge.

So, we are thankful for Dr. C and that this was caught early, but also thoughtful about what the future holds. For the moment, anyway, I am not showing any signs of being ill. And boy did I enjoy my nap when we got back!

As for Da Beebs, he was, as he expected, perfect in every way. He rode shotgun for #1 on the way:

And purred his way through his examination and shots...



  1. WE are happy to know that Sei is in a condition that can be treated ,
    and hope the medication will slow things down and keep her on an even
    keel for a long time.
    Good too, for da Beebs :)
    Guess mealtimes will involve separate rooms ;)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  2. I am glad you have such a good vet, Sei, and I hope you get on this new medication very soon! Is there a way you and Genji can be separated at mealtimes? My human actually watches over us like a sentry when we eat, so we don't get at each other's food. For us, it only takes a few minutes to eat, so it's not a big sacrifice for her.

  3. We are glad that the news wasn't worse and that Sei can be treated. Purrs and purrs.

  4. Hope that medication is a miracle cure! What torture in that jail cell
    Lily & Edward

  5. We bet the two of you are thankful to be home after your vet ordeals. It sounds as though you only two sing to #1 on the way there so she can join you in the arias on the way home when she has learned the tunes.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. Sei, we are glad that your vet visit wasn't too bad. Sorry to hear about having your fur shaved - that's the one advantage for us, we don't need to be shaved at the vet. We hope the medication helps you, and that #1 can sort out how to feed all of you! Da Beebs, you sound just like Merlin at the vet - he purrs the entire time!

  7. I'm really glad it was caught early. I hope the medication and diet will work well. Sending purrs to you xoxo

  8. Coucou Sei,
    On est toutes les 3 désolées que tu es un problème de santé.
    On a deux copines qui prennent du Sémintra depuis quelques semaines. On a vu les commentaires sur leur blog. Il parait que c'est un super médicament.
    Pour les croquettes ça ne va pas être super facile. C'est pour ça que moi je ne mange pas des croquettes rénales. Pourtant ça serait mieux.
    Prends bien soin de toi.
    Bon courage
    PS : On viendra demain voir les posts d'avant qu'on a loupé. La vie a été un peu agité ici ces derniers jours. Alors on a beaucoup de retard.

  9. We hope this new medicine is as good as it sounds and that it makes you well again soon. We don't envy #1 trying to figure out the feeding schedule with two vastly different diets, but we know she will figure it out. All paws crossed for good results for you, Sei-Chan.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  10. We're glad your illness is caught early, and hope that the new drug helps you to feel better soon. Good luck to #1 for feeding you ! Purrs

  11. Sorry you had to go through such hard times Sei-Chan. Hopefully you can get this new medicine. It's good to hear that your condition was caught early. It's also good to hear that Da Beebs is in perfect health. Hang in there everyone! It's a terrific Thursday!

  12. I am glad your condition has been caught early, Sei, and hope the medication works well for you.

  13. Sounds like you have a very good vet, dear Sei. Thank goodness your #1 noticed your situation quickly and you could get help early on. This new medication sounds pretty wonderful. You'll be in our prayers precious girl.
    Congrats on you excellent health report Beebs.

  14. We're so glad to hear your vet visit went well and that there is a positive course of action. We are sure #1 will figure out how to manage the meals with your new diet too.

  15. It sounds like your wonderful Vet is in top of things and that's a good thing. We''re sending you a big bunch of purrs though, cause it's always wise to have a few spare on paw.

  16. Sei, dear heart, mes would LOVES to sings a duet version of the song of our people with yous!!! Wes could possibly breaks the windows in the car with our caterwhalling!!!
    On another note, mes happy that #1 is so good at spotting this before it gotted just how to gets yous and Genji to eats the right foods...
    Sending yous lots of Purrs
    Your pal Nellie
    PS, mes is doing better, it is warmer today and it is supposed to stops raining this weekend...and Mommy gotted mes Salmon and mes has been eating like a little pig.

  17. We're glad your vet visit went well, Sei and that your vet caught this early. We hope the new food and the medication helps you.

  18. It's SO good that you caught this early!!!

  19. I am so very grateful that you seem to be on the way to recovery. Smoochies and snuggles all the way form here to you.


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