Saturday, 17 October 2015


Sei-Chan: I wonder if I am getting a little repetitive in my posting, now that things are so "normal" over here? High drama is of course more conducive to interesting posts, isn't it?

There almost was a a bit of drama yesterday. I was, unusually, lying in the hammock by the radiator in the study and my big sister, Tama-Chan, jumped up. I held my own, though. Did not budge!

You know, I can hold my ground when I need to. Let me introduce the claws of doom:

But like any good cat, I would much rather be napping in a sunpuddle! 

Have yourselves a wonderful SEIturday!


  1. My human just clipped all our claws this week, so ours aren't quite as doomy!

  2. Those claws of DOOM are scary! Happy Saturday! :)

  3. Those claws are very, very impressive!

  4. WOW, those claws are to die for. They downright scary. i bet you win every fight you have ever had!

  5. Oh my! Sei-Chan you have some serious claws! Nice of you to allow your big sister onto the hammock. I don't blame you... Sun puddles are the best. So nice to see you! Tell everyone to have a good Sei-turday.

  6. You have very impressive claws of doom.

  7. Whoa, those claws are quite terrifying!!! Hope you don't have to use them, especially on sweet Tama:)

    Happy weekend.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  8. Yikes! We don't wanna meet your claws of doom!

  9. Tu as tout à fait raison Sei. Il ne faut pas se laisser faire sinon on est vite envahies. Ta place c'est la tienne.
    Tes griffes sont tout à fait impressionnantes. Je suis sure que Tama s'en méfie. Pas besoin d'attaquer. Elles suffisent à éloigner les importuns.
    Bonne sieste au soleil

  10. Sei-Chan , we don't believe you could ever be doom-y! ;p

    the critters in the cottage xo


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