Saturday, 1 August 2015

SenSEItional SEIturday!

Sei-Chan: #1 took this photo of me yesterday and I think it is simply senSEItional...

I was relaxing on the cat tree in the kitchen and she says I positively glowed in the sunshine!

This week, #1 also managed to get a glowing ear shot of me:

I am not quite so sure about this close-up. What do you think?

And here I am showing #1 that I am much more interesting to watch than that TV screen:

Last but not least for today is this fun photo. #1 says that I look as though my beddie is floating on a cloud!

Don't forget to join us tomorrow to celebrate Tama-Chan's birthday!


  1. Beautiful pics of you today, Sei!

  2. You look gorgeous Sei! The close up would make a good selfie.
    Silly Feedly delivered your Friday and Saturday posts at the same time.

  3. You are so lovely, dear Sei. You have the most gorgeous colour eyes. Every photo of you is a treat.

  4. You're like the sun Sei-chan. All angles are beautiful.

  5. We like your pics and especially the close up!
    We like the big eyes and those lovely markings.
    Such a sweet,kissable face :)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  6. Those are all great photos-such a cutie!

  7. Those are all beautiful photos of you ! We love your close-up, we can see your gorgeous eyes and your marking. Purrs

  8. I love your photos Sei-Chan. You are beautiful and definitely more interesting than TV. #1 has provided so many comfy places for you to snuggle and hang out. Firstly, I noticed your green eyes, which are absolutely captivating! Today is your day to be featured in #1's blog.Hope it is a great one!

  9. Lovely photos, Sei-Chan. If you really are floating on a cloud, could you float over our way and bring Tommy with you?

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  10. Oh my yes, your glow is absolutely amazing!!!

  11. Maui says he thinks the third shot looks like you are puckering up for a smooch from him!

    uh oh...he just fell over in a faint...

  12. Sei! Yous is absolutely stunning! Mes LOVES how yous shines in the sun!

    Speaking of stunning, my hairy slobbery sister demanded that she gets her official "Princess" portrait picture done after she saw Jo Jo's. And she wanted to ride Violette in it. So we has done that. Wes hopes that is OK.

  13. C'est vrai qu'elle est belle ta première photo Sei.
    Mais j'aime beaucoup celle façon selfie, ça fait une tête rigolote.
    Sur la dernière Nat à Chat elle dit que ça lui fait penser à une truc qui s'appelait "Bonne nuit les petits". Moi je ne connais pas, mais je ne vois pas le rapport. Leur moyen de transport c'était un nuage, pas un panier pour chat ...

  14. Sei, it's just not the weekend without a SEIturday!


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