Friday, 31 July 2015

Violette Vendredi

Violette: Pretty neighs, everyone! I hope you won't mind my posting again. I know that some of you prefer kitty or woofie-full posts, but I wanted to let you know about my osteopath visit on Wednesday.

I have to confess that I was a little bit naughty when it came to climbing into the trailer. Those of you who have a problem getting your kitties into their carrier, imagine what fun it is to get a 900kg (about 2000lb) horse into a trailer when she doesn't want to!!! Anyway, they managed eventually by tricking me and once I got to Dr F's surgery, I was good as gold. You often have to wait a long time there but we were the first so I got seen right away.

Here are some picks of Dr. F working his magic on me:

#1 really loves this close-up. She says I have the loveliest eye!

So, the upshot is that I got injections in both knees (ouch) so that I continue to feel better, and I need another new pair of custom-made shoes! These won't have the bar across the back and will be set a little differently on my hooves. #1 says she is going to start calling me Imelda. Anyone know why? My name is Violette, you know.

Tomorrow, we will be back with beautiful miss Sei-Chan and Sunday, well Sunday... guess what we are celebrating?


  1. We purr that the magic Dr F does works well for you Violette!
    We also hope the new shoes do too.
    Mom says Imelda was a lady who LOVED shoes and das lots and lots.
    We think #1 is teasing you about your shoes ;)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  2. Violette, you do have the most beautiful eyes, so soft with such a sweet expression. Gazing at such a handsome doctor might have something to do with it.

  3. Will your new shows be purple as well? Dr F looks like he knows what he's doing. You'll get better in no time.

  4. Imelda MOL ! #1 has the sense of humor ! We hope the magic of Dr F and your new shoes works well for you, sweet Violette. Purrs

  5. BOL oh poor baby. We are all naughty sometimes
    Lily & Edward

  6. Sally and Nikko31 July 2015 at 17:33

    Violette, #1 is just teasing you a little. Imelda was the First Lady of the Philippines known for her amazing shoe collection. So you see, it just means you are a VIP (very important percheron) with amazing shoes!! Hope you feel better after going to the doc.

  7. Oh Violette, I could never grow tired of seeing you! You silly girl... You are beautiful and I'm so happy you're doing well after getting your shots in the knees and new, special shoes. Are they like Dr. Sholls padded insoles for humans? Looking forward to seeing more photos of you. Have a great weekend!

  8. Well we hope all that works for you Violette. The shoes should help a lot. It just takes time to get the correct. Have a great weekend.

  9. Ca a fait sourire mon humaine ton histoire de pas vouloir rentrer dans un trailer. Ca lui rappelle des souvenirs avec Coraline. Un peu particulier les départs pour les concours des dressage. Elle dit que vous les juments vous avez la tête dure !
    C'est bien les osteopathes. Moi j'ai le même que celui qu'avait Coraline. Il fait de l'osteo énergétique. Il travaille pour les chevaux de course à l'hippodrome de Cagnes. C'était un véto chat chien avant.
    On espère que tu vas aller mieux avec tes piqures et tes nouvelles chaussures. C'est pas des anti inflammatoires quand même qu'il t'a injecté !
    Bon courage.

  10. PS : Imelda elle avait vraiment beaucoup de chaussures. Mais c'était une mauvaise personne. Pas comme toi Violette

  11. Heh-heh, #1 has a wicked good sense of humor!
    You do have lovely eyes, Violette. V posts are definitely not lost on us, we love seeing you and Vidock!

  12. You do have the most beautiful eyes and your vet isn't bad either. We always enjoy your post whether one of the Chans, Tommy or the one of the V's do them. Have a wonderful weekend.

  13. Imelda mommy just about choked when she readed that, then she snorted!!!
    Mes would not wants to puts yous in a trailer!!! Does yous spreads your legs out like mes does!

  14. I hope these new shoes do the trick for you, Violette! Imelda... sheesh! MOL

  15. I never get tired of seeing you Violette, or Vidock either. Did you load better to go back home? All the horses here are good, but one of them when he first came here about 12 years ago reared up and did a backward flip over the fence and into the field. Amazingly he never hurt himself at all.
    I hope the injections didn't hurt too much. My mum has to have an injection in her knee too for arthritis caused by riding incidents over the years.

  16. We don't think we would want to climb into one of those trailers either, Violette. Hope the injections and new shoes help you a whole lot. Imelda??? Guess she was some lady who really loved her shoes:)

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  17. We love hearing all about the equine adventures from the Poupounette gang. We are glad the doctor was able to work some magic on you.

  18. Violette, we LOVED the painting of you with Penelope's doggie! Your mane was STUNNING!


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