Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Violette's Wednesday Whinnies

Violette: Pretty Neighs, Dear Friends! I have so many things to tell you that I would almost need several posts to do it all justice, but we will try to cram everything into today as others deserve their turn too.

As you know, #1 was getting me ready for the big medieval parade in town last Saturday morning, followed by two afternoons, on Saturday and Sunday, at our local medieval castle where I was doing a meet and greet as representative of the Percheron breed.

Let me start with the parade. I was so proud to carry my #1 through the streets of our town!

Over the two afternoons we spent at the chateau. I received lots and lots of visitors and everybody loved me!


I also really loved being with #1 all that time!

After all that, I thought I was going to get a rest and I was having a lovely nap in my field yesterday morning....

... when #1 showed up!

 And told me we were going off to see a very nice veterinary osteopath to help me with my lingering trotting lameness issue. He examined me closely:

And then he gave me four different injections!!!

I was very, very brave...

... but I did make sure to check with #1 how long it would take my feet hairs to start growing again, as he shaved a couple of spots, and I have a big show on August 15th. They both said it would grow back quickly and I would be fine. Phew!

And those are my adventures of the past few days!


  1. You looked magnificent in your Medieval parade, Violette! And it looks like you had an amazing time too. I hope those shots get rid of your bit of lameness fast!

  2. Violette, you were so pretty in your parade.
    That must have been quite an honour :)
    WE are glad you got to relax in that nice grass too.
    We hope those needles work for you.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  3. Violette! You did your #1 proud and yourself as well. What a stunner you are. And of course everyone liked you. I know you were more than pleased about being with #1 all that time. (I know she was pleased to be with YOU all that time too).

    I hope your feets get all better and that the osteopath helps you complete;y rid yourself of this lingering issue. I wonder what got that problem started?
    xxoo Kitty neighs right back to you. (They sound like meows).

  4. You sure look beautiful Violette!!! I hope the feet feel fine once again!

  5. You look beautiful Violette
    Lily & Edward

  6. We hope your nice vet gets you back on 4 hooves quickly Violette and you will soon be back galloping.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. looks like the kids love seeing you. we hope you are fit in no time!

  8. We sure hope those special shoes help you a lot. Take care.

  9. Violette, you and #1 look so incredibly beautiful in the parade. You are a gorgeous girl!! We hope the lameness gets better quickly. If the hairs don't grow back, tell #1 to find you some extensions:)

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  10. You looked gorgeous in your parade, Violette ! We hope those shots get rid of your lameness very soon. We send you tons of healing purrs ! Purrs

  11. You looked beautiful in the parade Violette. I hope the injections help with your lameness.

  12. Woah!! 4 injections. You were and are very brave. Our osteopath has never given any of us injections. We just get deep tissue massages and sometimes realigning if the spine. Injections! Woah!

  13. Violette! Yous looks so beautiful in the parade and Mommy just LOVES the picture of yous waking up in the field. Mes hopes they figures out your problems easily!

  14. Lots going on with you. Glad your shave won't affect you later.

  15. Wow, Violette, you are very photogenic! Every picture of you in the parade is lovely.And we love the shot of you taking a nap in the pasture! You are a STAR.

  16. Miss Violette you look so regal carrying your #1 in the parade. Our mom melted at the beautiful picture of you laying down with your head up in that field with those pretty yellow flowers. Having shots in your feets looks scary. We hope your hair grows back in time for your next big event.

  17. You are so gorgeous Violette. You did #1 proud. I'm hoping your feet feel better and that your hair grows back fast!!

  18. You are so gorgeous Violette. You did #1 proud. I'm hoping your feet feel better and that your hair grows back fast!!


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