Friday, 3 April 2015

Violette's Somewhat Woeful Friday

Violette: Woeful Neighs, Dear Friends! Guess What? I have hurt my footsie. It actually happened a week ago. At the end of one of my work sessions, #1 noticed that I was limping when I trotted. I had done a lot of turns and stuff and they thought that maybe I had strained something along the way, so they put me on a few days' rest with some yummy stuff to relax my muscles. But when they trotted me again several days after, I was still lame in the fore left leg. So #1 called the vet and he came out to examine me (we horses mostly get barn calls).

He felt my pulse in both lower legs...

... and he said it was quicker on the lame side than the other side, indicating an inflammation. So, I got an injection and then, for six days, I get medication morning and evening mixed with a little grain (yummy!). He will come and see me again next Tuesday and, if there is still a problem, he will do an ultrasound.

My poor #1 is terribly worried about me, especially that there is long-term abandonment on the cards, as Tama-Chan mentioned yesterday. She is coming to see me every day and gives me wonderful brushies. Please note that I am not in any pain at all if I refrain from trotting.

Here I am after getting brushed yesterday:

I was very busy enjoying my salt lick (she calls it my lollipop!). It's Himalayan pink salt, Dahlings!

And here is my medication...

I hate to worry #1 but, for now, my woefulness is proving quite bearable!

Oh, and here is a funny story for you! Apparently, my Mama, Hôtesse, was rather naughty yesterday and got out of her field. #1 found her enjoying fresh spring grass in the middle of the field, while poor little Ebène was totally panic-stricken on the other side of the fence:

#1 ran off to get a headcollar and managed to put her back in her field. You rock, Mama!


  1. I am sending lots of healing purrs your way, Violette! Please keep us posted.

  2. Oh Violette, we are so sorry you hurt your foot and we hope all is better really soon.

  3. Puurrrayers for Violette! Mes sorry your foot hurts and #1 is abandoning yous!! On No!
    PS we have had macs but a lot of what Mommy does, can't be done on a mac (nope the emulators for Windows software are not good enough) Plus Mommy is a pretty good technician and can fix most PC problems. Our problem right now is old age. This particular laptop is old. Mommy's new laptop is still in Calgary as we was not expecting to be here this long.

  4. Violette, we hope you are trotting comfortably, soon!!

    -Ruby and Otto

  5. No trotting is no fun, but at least you could call your rest a lovely holiday. Get #1 to decorate your stable like a Hawaiian beach! Get better soon! :)

  6. Hope your foots starts feeling better. At least you are getting extra brushes and attention
    Lily & Edward

  7. Sounds like you are being good for your medication Violette. I am purring for you hope the rest helps and you are soon sound again.

  8. J'espère que ça va aller Violette.
    Tu sais quoi .... tu es un bon gros cheval rustique fait pour rester tranquillement dans son pré, pas fait pour faire des excentricités au bout d'une longe. Pas le physique pour ça. Laisse à Vidock les exercices physiques compliqués...

  9. We send you healing purrs, Violette, and hope you get well soon ! Purrs

  10. Oh dear! Violette with lame fore leg and a long term abandonment. Neither sound good.

  11. Oh Violette we are sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. Our mom knows all about how difficult it is to diagnose you big dogs' ailments.

  12. Violette, we purr your leg heals up well and you will be able to trot again. We will send purrs until you are better.
    Enjoy all the attention :)
    Your Mama is being naughty ;) heehee
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  13. Big purrs from all of us, Violette! We giggled at you enjoying your salt Bibby and the butter!

  14. Hooray for #1 for keeping Hotess safe! Violette - hope you feel better soon. Glad you like your meds in bran and I am very impressed that you get a himalyan sea salt lick. Nothing but the best for the Pouponette Gang : )


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