Monday, 20 April 2015

Manly Monday!

Tommy: We have asome new photos for you, taken by Ms. M. First off, here I am, relaxing with Da Beebs:

And here is one of me running through the fields of dandelions:

#1 did also have some pics she took before leaving to share. First up is Da Beebs doing some yoga:

Genji helping with the bed-making:

Some very wet Tommy flying ears:

And here is one of the Big V looking very handsome out in his pasture at Uncle E and Ms. S's:

Today, #1 is heading up north, to Japan's horse country. Internet connectivity may be a bit iffy for a day or two, so please forgive us if we do not comment much over the coming days.


  1. At the back of our minds we know that there would be horses in Japan although it is not something that we see much of when we see documentaries about Japan. We saw one about the Japanese snow monkeys.

  2. Y'all got the Monday mighty fines!i

  3. It looks beautiful back at home with you all right now! Even if you are missing #1, you are still enjoying yourselves.

  4. It's very kind of Ms. M to take photos and help you with your blog ! Purrs

  5. Tommy ton champs de pissenlits est absolument magnifique. J'aime beaucoup le printemps et l'exubérance des fleurs sauvages.
    Bonne soirée
    Nat à Chat

  6. You all are looking good! Big V, you look very handsome and well muscled.

  7. Glad to know everything is going well. Love to all,

  8. That first pic of you relaxing, Tommy - so manly:) Looks like Ciara might get some of her yoga techniques from watching Da Beebs:)

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  9. Great show of manliness, furriends!
    We really like that show of curly bits on Tommy's tummy.

  10. You boys are looking well. Thanks to Ms. M for the new pics.

  11. Oh Tommy! Cinnamon is in awe of your tummy shot! Mes LOVES Manly Monday! And ALL your manliness is spectacular!
    And has fun #1!


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