Saturday, 10 January 2015


Sei-Chan: Photos are a bit thin on the ground this week. Why? Because it has been so grey and dark that taking proper photos has been pretty difficult for #1, so we forgive her. I am not sure about forgiving the fact that she is leaving us again at the end of next week to go to England again. She has to renew her passport, it would seem, but we think it would be much better if she did not renew her passport. That way, she would have to stay here!

The only half-way decent pic I have for you is this one, showing me supervising #1 as she was taking a nap one afternoon:

She says I look very cute and concerned...

Oh, and there is this pink pawpad close-up she took:

Beyond that, I see no reason not to look back to the archives, do you?

Here I am in January 2010 with my beloved brother Yuu-Chan (now at Rainbow Bridge):

And here is one from January 2012:

We are hoping that the sunpuddles will return and that #1 can take some nice photos before she abandons us again.

Have a great SEIturday, everyone! 

PS: #1 here. I would like to ask all of you today for purrs, woofs and very good vibes for our neighbour, Ms. C over at Damia, Grisette and Jade's place. She is undergoing a heart-lung transplant operation today after more than a year of coping with a terrible degenerative disease. We are all hoping the operation will be a great success and she can soon return to a more normal life.


  1. We are sending POTP for your friend, as well as Golden healing vibes.

    We hope #1 has a good trip to England.

    Monty and Harlow

  2. All of us will send good vibes for Mrs C. The power of the paw is an awesome one. We live Yuu Chan's pic. Sei-chan IS looking very concerned so we wish #1 a good journey there and back.

  3. We haven't got many photos this week either Sei-Chan - the sun is shining but the wind is blowing a gale today and Mum is keeping us inside. BTW have you tried hiding #1's passport?
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Prayer, purrs and love is going to Mrs. C. Hoping all goes well and she returns to her old self. Hope your trip to England goes well and is safe. Hopefully #1 brings you a few treats from England for you all when she comes home.

  5. I am sending lots of purrs to your neighbor, Ms. C!

  6. Sei - gorgeous as always and yous looks the same now as yous did before!!!
    Wes purraying for your neighbour and safe travels for #1

  7. While it would be nice for #1 to stay home, all the treats she gets for you are in England, so maybe she does need that passport ;)
    We are sending lots of POTP and positive vibes for Ms C!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  8. C'est vrai que sans soleil on n'est pas trop à notre avantage nous les chats. On est des êtres de soleil elle dit nat à Chat, et elle a raison.
    On pense à tes voisins Sei.

  9. Awww your pawpad is so adorable! I wanna give smooches on it :-)
    We send purrs and prayers for your neighbor. We hope the operation will go smoothly xoxo

  10. My mum hasn't taken many photos either. I can't go outdoors because the wind is so strong it blows me over. I wouldn't want it to blow me away!
    I am purring for Ms.C.

  11. We loved all of those pics today. Sorry I'm running late and I hope it's not too late for purrs and prayers for dear Ms. C.

  12. We have our paws crossed tight and are sending all the POTP we can to your neighbor. Great pictures Sei-Chan.

  13. We're sending lots of purrs and prayers for your neighbor, Mrs. C

  14. Purrs and healing thoughts for your neighbor - hope her recuperation goes well and more quickly than expected.

  15. Purrs and prayers for Mrs C. I just saw this. Blessings on her as well.


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