Saturday, 6 December 2014


Sei-Chan: Well that was quite the Birthday party on Thursday, especially for #1 and Da Beebs who boogied the night away… I, on the other paw, am rather deeply in trouble because I managed to break three, yes three, vases yesterday. I am not sure when #1 will be talking to me again.

The weather has been supremely dreary for days now and we are all longing for a sunpuddle. #1 told us that when she drove to her business appointment a little north of here the other morning, it even started to snow lightly!

Honestly, though, there is little to be done other than meditate in the hammock on the study window radiator:

or nap on the radiator in the living room:

As you can see, I am crossing my paws that the weather will be better by next SEIturday.

I have also of course been helping #1 with the blog and faceBook…


  1. We have no vases in our house to break. We have one plastic one with silk flowers which Tanaka arranges very other day. We hope the sun comes to your end some time soon Sei- chan. Our weather here is rather wet.

  2. Sei, you look like such a sedate girl - I have a hard time believing you broke ANY vases! Are you sure it wasn't those pesky boys?

  3. We know you're taking the fall for the boys! Who would believe you broke anything? You're a perfect angel!

  4. Oops, breaks happen from time to time! Enjoy that snoozy!

  5. Three vases?! Now that makes us and our daily naughtiness look pretty good! :)

    The snow (and sun) are now gone here in Vancouver. It is rain!rain! rain! from now on!

    the critters in the cottage xo

  6. You know, we have the same weather! It will NOT stop raining. Rain rain rain rain. Sigh. But you look FABULOUS!

  7. Fais comme moi Sei, ne grimpe pas à droite à gauche comme ça tu ne casseras
    Les humains ils s'attachent à des trucs vraiment sans importance pour nous.
    3 vases dans la même journée. Tu as battu un record ....
    Bonne sieste.

  8. If we were you, we would rather cross our paws for #1 not being too mad about you because of the vases story... Purrs

  9. I am sure it wasn't your fault the vases got broken. They must have been left in your way.

  10. Are you sure that red squirrel didn't make his way in through the kitty door and knock down all those vases??? BOl

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  11. We had a nice day here, mild and sunny. Come on over.

  12. Oh Sei, we agree that you look too innocent to have broken 2 vases.
    It was all mystery cat!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  13. THREE!?!?!

    Awesome, erm, we mean--that's too bad!

    Happy belated Birthday wishes to da Beebs!!!

  14. What's a vase? We've never seen one of those. Mom!!!!

  15. Oh my 3 vases Sei-Chan?? I bet #1 was a bit upset...of course we all know it was purely by accident that this happened...blame it on the lack of Sun & light & your paws got tangled up...right?? ;)
    I hope the Sun comes back soon. This Winter started strong here but has fizzled to just dreary grey cold days with nothing...I feel like breaking a vase or 2 myself!!!
    Much love Sherri-Ellen x0x0x0


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