Monday, 29 September 2014

Manly Monday

Genji: We would like to start today's post by sending lots of healing purrs to a very special mancat. Our good friend Flynn has been feeling very poorly and his family is terribly worried. We are sending the power of the paw across the Channel and may we ask you to do the same, wherever you are?

I know that #1 said that I am hard to photograph when I snuggle, and that is also true when I play, but I do sometimes rest and THAT is when she gets her chance. Behold!

My sultry look:

OK, so this is a back view, but look at how elegantly I am tucked in between the back of the sofa and the cushion!

In this one, I am ready to play!

Please, #1, will you play with me?

Vidock: I got more visitors! This time, Percheron-owning friends of #1's from England came to see me (and Violette too…). Mr. J (and Ms. R) thought I was extremely studly and handsome!

I also got a visit from one of my favourite people, Ms. T, who is a little bit like my Fairy Godmother, and I was sad to say goodbye to her. She is returning to California for the winter months. See you in the spring, Ms. T!

She is really going to miss me too, don't you think?

So here is a special smooch just for you, Ms. T!

Tomaso: I have been doing a lot of this standing about lately. Want to know why? It's because #1 has been spending so much time gathering hazelnuts for our red squirrels! She is getting really good at it and now bags about half a pound at each outing!

In the mornings, the fields are usually quite wet! I keep hoping that #1 will throw me the ball, but she only does it a few times now. She keeps mumbling about my ligaments. I am NOT limping anymore!

Hey, do you like my right ear flip?

And here is my sultry portrait…

Da Beebs: So what's this with sultry portraits? I don't have a sultry portrait for you, but I do have a "very intent portrait"!

#1 could never figure out what I was looking at!

In a variant here is a watchful Da Beebs portrait!

And here is a contemplative Beebster portrait:

Are you done, #1? I think it's time for my nap…

Here is wishing you all a good week.


  1. Oh you boys!
    You all know how to strike a pose ;)
    You are all so handsome too.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  2. Genji, I was competing against some Somali versions of you this weekend (blue Somali boys), and while I did not always beat them, I was the only Somali kitten who finaled! But oh, those boys were quite handsome!

  3. You handsome boys make our day.

  4. Hi the Chan! Happy to see you are all well! I love the pictures of Vidock, so cute ;) Purrs to you all!

  5. You all strike the pose purrfectly ! Purrs

  6. You all looks great ! And the sunbeam looks just right :)
    Happy Monday to you all

  7. You are looking very sultry Tom and we are loving your curly ear look.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  8. We too are really worried about Flynn, especially after our weekend (we have just left a comment for your kind post from yesterday). But yes, we have to be very manly about this all, and we love the sultry portraits! We need to show our moody side, as well as our loving sides too.

  9. Hope that #1 played with you. Not sure how she could resist
    Lily & Edward

  10. Y'all just have the best photos and you start our week off right!

  11. Boys, you just make my Monday all the better...each one of you.

  12. Mon cousin tu es magnifique sur la première photo. Absolument royal !
    Ma Nat à Chat elle aime bien la 2ème parce que l'on voit bien la ligne foncée sur ta tête. Elle aime beaucoup cette ligne qui va jusqu'au bout de la queue. Elle trouve que sur un ou une bleue c'est très très beau. Je suis bien d'accord.
    Bibi ... tu en fais une tête ... impressionnant.
    Ronrons pour tout le monde

  13. Thank you for visiting us, we always appreciate it and love hearing from you. We are purring for Flyn.
    Your photos are wonderful. Love Helen, Darcy, Bingley and Fred xxxx

  14. Thank you for your purrs. I do feel a bit better today after giving my humans such a scare over the weekend. They really thought they were going to lose me.
    You all are looking very handsome and manly.

  15. Great to see such manly pics of all your handsome boys!!! We think Genji takes the prize for the best poses today, although they are all really very nice.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  16. Looking good our gorgeous Manly Monday friends!


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